Announcing the Drafting Stage: Creating a Marketplace for NFL Draft Picks

I would like to officially announce the pre-release of The Drafting Stage: Creating a Marketplace for NFL Draft Picks, a Kindle book that I co-authored alongside Brad over the past year. The concept behind the book came out of a post on OTC where we utilized 2nd contract salary data to better re-assess the actual value of every NFL draft pick and we greatly expanded on the concept in our book.

In The Drafting Stage, we go beyond just typical draft pick values and wanted to take  forward looking approach as to what can be expected from a draft pick in the short and long term, the value of positional based drafting, and the role free agency availability may play in decision making.

Ill steal the description from Brad’s original post on the early stages of the book to give you an overview of what you will find in the Drafting Stage

  • Assessing every draft pick trade outcome from 2011 to 2015, by round, to determine who was the ultimate “winner and loser” based on the financial outcomes of the trade 
  • Developing Tiers based on a player’s salary to better identify the probabilities of finding a superstar, starter, backup, or replacement level player in the draft based on the draft round and position played 
  • Creating a system to evaluate contracts fairly and independent of position to better illustrate the value that can be found based on position influenced drafting 
  • Examining the success rates and selection rates by position to provide better information on when to strike on a specific position in the draft 
  • Providing some context to the idea of finding “ten-year starters” in the draft through examining the actual outcomes of every draft pick selected during the draft years that were studied  
  • Identifying the typical range and price of free agent talent available to better plan what positions should perhaps be given additional weight in the draft 

We have gotten very good feedback from those who previewed the book so far and we hope you will find it an informative read as well.

The Drafting Stage is available for pre-order on Amazon for $9.99 and will be officially released on April 1.