Announcing Partnership with FanDuel for 2014 Season


Since launching Over The Cap in February of 2013, our website has been able to attract a great (and growing) base of football fans who really are some of the most knowledgeable and diehard fans that the NFL has to offer.  OTC isn’t really a small little hidden gem in the internet anymore and I often get asked about sponsored advertising which I never felt was the best fit for the website. After all you guys come here to read about the NFL or use the various resources we have, not be hit over the head with me trying to sell you something that doesn’t really fit our audience.

But after speaking with some of the people at FanDuel and researching their product I think we now have something that not only fits with OTC but will provide you all with something that makes Sunday’s much more fun.

For those of you unfamiliar with FanDuel, it’s a really innovative fantasy football platform where you have an opportunity to compete for real money in a number of different one-week NFL fantasy football leagues. The selection process is pretty unique as teams are not built through the draft but via a salary cap style format. For all of us wannabe GM’s and salary cap managers at OTC it’s an opportunity to put our skills to the test and see just how difficult it is to build a strong team within a budget.

What’s great about FanDuel’s format is that the games are new each and every week, so you never lose hope in the fantasy season. Nothing is worse than having your big star get injured or selecting players who played well in 2013 only to see them be a dud in 2014 and then losing interest in the game by week 6.  If you make a mistake one week with FanDuel you just move on and get started on the following week’s roster.

I think this format works incredibly well for our readers. There is a lot of strategy involved with weekly matchups and valuation of players. It’ really no different than what we do on the website when we identify real bargains and busts in the NFL based on their contracts versus their performance. You get to do the same thing with FanDuel’s salary cap numbers as you try to uncover the true value plays each week that will hopefully get you some of that prize money. FanDuel will pay out over $10 million a week in prize money this year, so there are many prizes to win.

You’ll find all kinds of games at FanDuel that fit your appetite for NFL fantasy football. Do you want to challenge someone head to head in a winner take all matchup?  It’s there. Do you want to enter a league that ranges from 3 to 20 people?  No problem. FanDuel has big tournaments, 50/50 leagues, and the ability to create your own contests and challenge friends. You can play for as little as $1 per game or as much as $500 a game.  You can enter as many competitions as you like each week and you can decide what weeks you do or do not want to compete. And if you want to play for free there are free games too!

As part of this partnership, FanDuel is offering the readers of OTC a special 100% deposit bonus up to $200. To claim that offer simply click here to sign up and click the “Play Now” button which will automatically enter our OTC100 promo code to collect the bonus.

You’ll be able to find me during the season playing under the name “overthecap” (yes I know very difficult to remember). While it’s a little early in the preseason for weekly fantasy games, I have already signed up for the 50K Sun NFL Rush which costs just $5 to enter. So if you want to jump in and get the chance to finish better than me it’s a good place to start.

As part of the countdown to the regular season we’ll post on two positions each week where we look at some contract situations that could have either a positive or a negative effect on some fantasy (and real NFL) situations. As part of the partnership I’ll be trying to do a weekly fantasy post in the regular season sometime during the latter half of the week where I give some thoughts on some of the better (and worse) values for the week.

If enough people have interest in an OTC league just let me know and I’ll see about putting that together each week for at a few level that encourages participation. If not, I’ll post each week a game that I will be playing in and I’ll also link to a free weekly game for everyone who just wants to try FanDuel out.

Click Here to Sign Up for FanDuel