Andre Brown #35 RB, New York Giants


Andre Brown #35 RB, New York Giants


And here we go.  David Wilson is an explosive back with the upside of a high end RB1 in the NFL.  Although Tom Coughlin could give any General a run for their money on the topic of discipline, Wilson’s ability alone made his absence in the backfield a mystery.  Everyone (and I mean everyone) claim it is a product of his early fumble and subsequent drop of a Manning pass.  The drop I can understand, but I find it hard to believe that the coaching staff thinks that Wilson is a fumbler.  Guys with fumblitis do not get granted Kick Returner status.

The reason that Wilson will not get the time on the field that his ability dictates, is because he is terrible in Pass Pro.  Pass Pro are the schemes that offenses use to protect the QB on pass plays.  Along with scheme, a player must have the ability to block the defender that he is assigned.  Take it from a former RB, the great college and NFL backs make this look astoundingly easier than it is on the field.  First a read must be made at the line by eight different guys.  These reads are then communicated among the offensive personnel (ever play telephone as a kid?) including the RB who is usually 7-8 yards deep in the formation. Imagine being that far away and trying to keep up with the communication, all along not tipping any information to the defense.  Granted on obvious passing downs this isn’t an issue, but watch how many times there is a missed assignment on non-obvious passing downs. We have heard all spring into the summer how the Giants feel that Wilson has improved on his Pass Pro.  Considering yesterday’s report, I find it hard to believe that the Giants truly feel this way.

This brings us to Andre Brown, a man who has bounced around a bit since being drafted in the 4th round of the 2010 NFL Draft.  He signed his 1 year, $2 million tender in March which makes him an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.  He is a devastating runner.  One that can wear down a defense when given a healthy dose of him.  He makes you think of a UPS truck when he is running which is why the slogan “What can Brown do for you?” follows him.  It will be extremely interesting to see him when he is called upon in this hot hand setup.  Brown is the orphan, while Wilson is the crowned prince.  Disney usually makes Brown the victor in these battles.  I believe this real life battle will go the same.

Estimated New Contract: New York Giants 2 years, $6 million