• McGeorge

    Given that the Colts had no leverage, I think it’s a reasonable contract.
    Assuming no massive injury, at worst they over paid 10%.
    Either they pay or Cleveland or the Jets would have been happy to pay Luck.

  • Ghoston

    Team wise I think this is a good contract. I don’t see anything bad with the cap numbers and they can get out in 2018 June 1st cut. 2019 they can get out easily. But he has to be horrible for that to happen. It will be interesting to see what Carr, Bottles and Rodgers next deals bring as they are the next in line in 2 years. as with brees and Stafford. Cousins I think won’t get that value.

    For the player I think it should have been a 4 yr extension the last 2 yrs look moot. I know he can get extended but I am sure Rodgers is pissed at his agent signing such a long contract in years.

    Players should take 3 or 4 yr extensions if they are qbs

    Middle linebacker or running back ok