An Offseason Guide for OTC

With the Super Bowl now complete we officially move into the NFL offseason where many contract issues come into play so its usually a good time to review some of the features we have on OTC, just so you know where to find everything if you are new to the site.

The salary cap space page gives our best estimate for cap space for every team in the NFL . Currently we have estimated rollover figures from 2019 included in the numbers as well as other adjustments that we believe will hit each teams salary cap. The cap space column lets you know how much estimated cap a team has to work with while the effective cap space tells you what they will have once they reach 51 players under contract. Cap space is always fluid this time of year so expect a lot of swings in the coming weeks.

You can click on an individual team page (this links to the Bucs as an example) from the top menu or the cap space page to go direct to that teams salary cap page. This has individual contract breakdowns by year and will show a player’s salary cap charge and what it costs (and saves) on the cap if the player is cut. You can also change the menu to look at the savings for a trade which can be different. Please note there is no June 1 option at the moment as the CBA will not allow that this season. Clicking on a player’s name will let you see the breakdown of the contract and dead money for the remainder of the contract.

To see every teams free agents you can check out the OTC Free Agency page and drill down by playing time, age, team, and type of free agent. You can load up a leaguewide page or just a team. The team page is found through the main team’s cap page menu.

To play offseason GM you can use the calculators we have for each team to make roster cuts and sign free agents. You can also restructure existing contracts though due to quirks in NFL rules that is probably not something to rely on this year  barring a new CBA agreement.

The positional pages on OTC will give you an idea of a market breakdown by position to see what the top contracts around the NFL look like.  Selecting a year in the menu will let you sort the players by cap charges.

The transactions table is the top “one stop” reference to see what it will cost on the cap to keep a player or cut a player. There are also restructure estimates but again due to NFL rules take these with a grain of salt.  You can drill down by team here and clicking on columns should also let you sort by the order for that column.

On the contract triggers page you can see important dates for salaries that become guaranteed or roster bonuses are paid.  

Over in the premium section you can get more detailed information on contract metrics, depth charts, player comparisons, and our performance estimates from 2019. We are also hoping to roll out some free agent profiles this offseason.

As time allows we will also do some articles on various cap situations and you can also check out our friends at Pro Football Focus who we are partnering with to provide some contract estimates for the top free agents this offseason for their Edge and Elite subscribers.

As always thanks for the support and feel free to send any feedback or suggestions via email.