An Expensive Suspension For the Rams Jo-Lonn Dunbar


The NFL has just announced that Rams starting LB Jo-Lonn Dunbar has been suspended for 4 games for violating the NFL’s PED policy. These suspensions can be very costly for players.

Dunbar was set to earn $1.3 million in base salary this season. He will now lose 4 weeks of that salary, which totals $305,882. Dunbar received a $1 million dollar signing bonus in 2012 which was prorated for two years. He will now forfeit $117,647 of that figure. So the total salary loss for Dunbar is $423,529.

The situation gets worse for Dunbar. His contract has up to $750,000 in incentives based on playing time. Dunbar earns $500,000 if he participates in 70% of his teams snaps. That number increases by $250,000 if the Rams also make the playoffs. Dunbar, who played almost every defensive snap last season, will lose out on participating in 25% of the Rams games for the season. That now makes the 70% playtime bonus go from basically being a gimme to something he may have to fight for.

If he is not immediately re-inserted into the starting lineup he will likely miss out on the bonus. If he plays between 65 and 69% of the teams snaps the bonus drops to $250,000 with no increase for the team making the playoffs. If he falls between 60% and 64% the bonus falls to $125,000. If he fails to reach 60% he would fail to earn any incentives in his contract.