About Over The Cap

Welcome to Overthecap.com and what I hope to be the most comprehensive NFL contract and salary cap website on the web. For those of you who are not familiar with my work, I founded Nyjetscap.com in 2008, a site devoted to tracking the salary cap of the New York Jets. The site grew from a chart with some contract data to a well respected and accurate portrayal of the Jets salary cap. Eventually I decided to branch out and cover the entire AFC East which gave me the idea that maybe I could expand things to broader coverage of the NFL.

The salary cap is a difficult thing to track and the contract information that you will see on the site is my best attempt at presenting the contracts of the NFL players.While I will always strive to be as accurate as possible there will always be mistakes along the way so I hope you understand that if sourcing any data from the website. Any corrections or tips are always appreciated, no matter how big or how small they may be. For the foreseeable future I’ll be working through the top positional players based on playing time.

For the most part I will try to connect you all with various articles published online, with my own thoughts on some of them, that deal strictly with contracts and potential negotiations in the NFL. There will also be plenty of original content on the site dealing with contract analysis, player valuations, statistical analysis and more. Those articles have been some of the most popular features on my other site and feel free to go there and look in the articles sections to see some of the contract work that I do. My work has been quoted in multiple blogs and news outlets and Ive also been contacted by agents in the league to discuss some of the work on the site. For the most part I try to take a more business approach to the contract valuations looking at comparable players, marginal contributions, and forecasting of career length.

And no I’ve never worked in the NFL or as an agent. I’m just a big fan of the sport, particularly the Jets, that posted on message boards and really fell in love with the business side of the league. There are a number of amateur capologists out there that do an excellent job with the salary cap for their respective teams and hopefully you will find this to be one of those sites over time. Eventually this site will be filled with data, so keep checking back to see the status of the site.