Doug Martin Suspended for Four Games

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and NFL have announced that running back Doug Martin has been suspended for violating the leagues PED policy for the next four games. This suspension comes at a bad time for Martin who had signed a $35.75 million contract that made him the fourth highest paid back in the NFL but struggled badly […]

Projecting The 2021 Compensatory Picks

This article refers specifically to OTC’s projection for the 2021 NFL Draft’s compensatory picks. For details on the basics and methodology of projecting compensatory picks in general, please reference this article. Note that this projection does not include compensatory picks awarded via 2020 Resolution JC-2A, of which, per Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk, […]

A look at the new Proven Performance Escalators for 2nd Round Draft Picks

One of the stranger quirks of the 2011 CBA was centered around a rookie contract mechanism called the Proven Performance Escalator. Simply put, the PPE provided pay raises to rookies in the 4th year of their original contracts, but only for those selected in the 3rd to 7th Rounds. 1st Round picks benefited from larger […]