Mike Williams $40 million Contract In Reality is Worth $10 Million

[adsenseyu1] Much publicity was made about WR Mike Williams $40.25 million dollar contract he signed with the Buccaneers on Wednesday. There was talk about how he was the first ever to reach that number without a 1,000 yard season (I would have thought that was Percy Harvin but maybe they mean all purpose yards). There […]

2017 Contract Estimates: Brandon Williams

Last week, we established a market for upcoming free agent Denver nose tackle Sylvester Williams despite some difficulty finding appropriate players to use as comparables for the 4th year player because there just aren’t a lot of 2nd contract interior linemen in the league with similar age/stats/production. Today, we take a look at another 3-4 […]

The Redskins, Bruce Allen, and Mike Shanahan…

[adsenseyu1] It was late in 2009 and early in 2010 when the Washington Redskins made the announcements that Bruce Allen would take over as General Manager of the Redskins and Mike Shanahan would become the Head Coach/VP of Football Operations. Essentially this was a co-GM position in which Allen would handle the contracts and Shanahan […]

NFL Stock Down: Week 6

[adsenseyu1] Every Monday during the season we will take a look back at three players who are entering important stages of their contract that may have hurt their stock in upcoming negotiations with their play on Sunday. In addition we will also look at one player signed in the offseason to a new contract that […]