Comparing Pre- and Post-Contract Numbers for Top WRs

I’ve decided to go through some of the highly compensated players in the league and see how their performance has been since signing their deal, compared to before it. I considered any player that is currently on a significant deal (above or around early 1st round pick range), and has played at least two seasons […]

2017 Potential Cuts: Tight End

1. Julius Thomas, Jaguars Cap Saved: $4.7 million/Cash Saved: $7.1 million This is one of the worst contracts in the NFL for a team and one that has been typical of the many problems the Jaguars have had in rebuilding via free agency. Thomas had never played in 16 games in his entire career, twice […]

Expected Contract Value Free Agency Summary: Tight Ends

Quarterbacks Running Backs Wide Receivers Player Nominal Value ECV % Expected ECV/Year Charles Clay $38,000,000 $32,951,000 87% $6,590,200 Julius Thomas $46,000,000 $31,479,600 68% $6,295,920 Lance Kendricks $18,500,000 $13,352,250 72% $3,338,063 Jordan Cameron $15,000,000 $10,652,500 71% $5,326,250 Owen Daniels $12,250,000 $6,423,000 52% $2,141,000 Lee Smith $9,350,000 $6,418,500 69% $2,139,500 Virgil Green $8,400,000 $5,830,500 69% $1,943,500 Ed […]