Josh Gordon Suspended as Browns (Likely) Attempt to Maintain Free Agent Control

[adsenseyu1] According to Pro Football Talk the Browns have suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon for the final game of the season for violating team rules.  Call me Oliver Stone, but this suspension reeks of an attempt by the Browns to circumvent the rules regarding free agency and eventually block Gordon’s free agent status following the […]

Nicks, Britt, and Gordon- Should they be Traded?

[adsenseyu1] With trade rumors swirling in the NFL, I thought it would make sense to look at three of the big names mentioned at Wide Receiver and the reasons why the teams might or might not pull the trigger on trading their players.  The big names in question are the Giants’ Hakeem Nicks, Browns’ Josh […]

Patriots Quick Passing Offense, It’s Implications in Regard to WR Value, and What Play Callers Mean to Offenses

I was on Twitter spit-balling on the idea of the Patriots drafting Hunter Renfrow in the sixth round, then the potential of having him and Braxton Berrios together as Julian Edelman moves closer to retirement (thought not seeming to slow down now). This is of course if they were to be successful and make a […]