2019 Potential Cuts: Running Back

Carlos Hyde, Jaguars Cap Saved: $4.7M; Cash Saved: $4.7M; Dead Money: $0MThe Jaguars brought Hyde in on a mid-season trade while dealing with injuries to the running backs. Hyde was completely ineffective and there should be zero reason for him to stay in 2019. He has $3 million that becomes guaranteed three days into free […]

Looking at Le’Veon Bell’s Contract Offer and the Plight of the Running Back

Yesterday when Le’Veon Bell’s agent made reference to “paying the position rather than the player” it reminded me on an article I wrote way back when about the devaluing of the position, comparing the way teams were approaching their contracts to the way they approached kickers. While things haven’t gotten that bad, its still shocking […]

Week 6: Running Back Valuations

Last week I looked at the value of QB play in the NFL and this week I turned my attention to running backs. My valuation process was pretty similar. Players are awarded salary values are based on total net output both rushing and receiving, how that output compared to the average output, snaps played, and […]