The Dolphins Options With Jonathan Martin and the Dollars Involved

[adsenseyu1] We’ve discussed a bit on the Incognito side of the Jonthan Martin situation, but with Dolphins teammates jumping to the defense of Incognito and wondering why Martin is taking such actions, we should also examine what Martin has to lose by leaving the team. In the NFL players such as Martin are given guaranteed […]

Restructures: Roman Harper and Jonathan Goodwin

[adsenseyu1] With the summer approaching and teams needing cap room to sign rookies or to prepare for the regular season its only natural that more restructures occur. On Friday it was reported that Roman Harper of the Saints and Jonathan Goodwin of the 49’ers both reworked their contracts to provide their teams cap relief and […]

Patriots Quick Passing Offense, It’s Implications in Regard to WR Value, and What Play Callers Mean to Offenses

I was on Twitter spit-balling on the idea of the Patriots drafting Hunter Renfrow in the sixth round, then the potential of having him and Braxton Berrios together as Julian Edelman moves closer to retirement (thought not seeming to slow down now). This is of course if they were to be successful and make a […]