Vesting vs Full Guarantees Focusing on the Broncos and Ryan Clady

[adsenseyu1] One of our Twitter buddies had the following tidbit regarding Ryan Clady and his contract discussions: #Broncos Ryan Clady’s camp moving to signing 5 Year 55 Million deal (33 M Guaranteed over 1st 3 Years). Expect deal done by Monday Deadline — NFL_DRAFT_Bites (@NFLDraftBites) July 13, 2013On the surface that seems like a no-brainer […]

2020 Compensatory Picks Potential

With the deadline for placing the franchise or transition tag on players now in the past, we can take a closer look as to how teams could approach free agency with respect to gaining potential for compensatory picks a year from now. A few of the factors that come into judging potential for each team […]