OTC’s Valuation Diamond, Explained

To help add some visualization context to Over The Cap’s valuation metrics, we have crafted the valuation diamond as an effort to better understand how a performance of players compare to the rest of their peers at their position. The diamond has two types of views: team-based, which is an aggregation of all players on […]

Week 5: QB Valuations

I’ve been working on some different valuation metrics for players and wanted to post one for quarterbacks. The basis for this is how to re-assign market values based on a few factors. What I used to evaluate the players were four categories. Adjusted yards more or less measures the overall output of the player (this […]

Podcast #7 of The Zack Moore Show Notes

Today’s podcast breaks down the quarterback market after the first few days of free agency where we saw Brock Osweiler get a four-year, $72 million contract with Houston and the Broncos trade for Mark Sanchez on a one-year, $4.5 million contract with only $1 million guaranteed to replace him for the time being and where […]