Ca(m)p Position Battles: Mark Sanchez vs. Geno Smith

[adsenseyu1] 2013 Cap Hit – Sanchez: $12,853,125; Smith: $912,655 Amount Remaining on Salary – Sanchez: $40,475,000 ($19,250,000 guaranteed); Smith: $5,019,603 ($3,068,784 guaranteed) Although this will get plenty of national media coverage, the battle between New York Jets quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith for the starting job may not be the most interesting storyline to […]

Geno Smith’s Contract Contains No Year 3 Guarantees

[adsenseyu1] Earlier today we discussed Geno Smiths contract structure and the potential reasons behind the workout bonuses in the contract. According to Joel Corry the contract does not contain the year 3 guarantees: @nyjetscap The workouts are the compromise. Geno gets $$ sooner than w/base salary if he shows up for something he ought to […]

Why Does Geno Smith’s Contract Contain Such Large Bonuses?

[adsenseyu1] According to ProFootballTalk the Jets have added large workout bonuses into QB Geno Smith’s contract. I speculated yesterday that Smith’s contract would contain at least $100,000 in workout or offseason bonuses but was a bit surprised at the amount that these contain, $690,819. Some speculate that it’s a sign the Jets could be worried […]