Strategies and Decisions: the Emmanuel Sanders Offer Sheet

[adsenseyu1] Big news today was the rare occurrence of a team signing a restricted free agent to an offer sheet, this time by the New England Patriots who offered a $2.5 million dollar contract to Emmanuel Sanders of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The portion of the contract that struck everyone as odd was the fact that […]

Steelers Match Offer Sheet for Sanders; Could they Consider Trade?

[adsenseyu1] As reported in multiple places tonight the Pittsburgh Steelers decided to match the Patriots $2.5 million dollar offer signed by WR Emmanuel Sanders. The Steelers now have a binding agreement with Sanders and he is no longer a free agent. I admit that I was a bit surprised that the Steelers matched the offer […]

Patriots Quick Passing Offense, It’s Implications in Regard to WR Value, and What Play Callers Mean to Offenses

I was on Twitter spit-balling on the idea of the Patriots drafting Hunter Renfrow in the sixth round, then the potential of having him and Braxton Berrios together as Julian Edelman moves closer to retirement (thought not seeming to slow down now). This is of course if they were to be successful and make a […]