Looking Closer at the Giants $84 million Contract with Eli Manning

Eli Manning signed a big $84 million contract extension with the Giants this past weekend and today the numbers were reported by multiple news outlets and the Giants actually did better than the overall annual value would indicate. Manning’s contract is worth $21 million per year which ranks Manning 4th in the NFL behind Andrew […]

Art Weiss and Bill Belichick: From Wayne Chrebet to Chris Hogan

I ran across this great video of Wayne Chrebet today and it sparked this thought that I’ll talk about here, but be elaborating on further in an article that I’m writing that will also be one of the final chapters of Caponomics. Belichick has his own formula for his dynasty and that article/chapter will be […]

Explaining My Beliefs Regarding QB Contracts

Some may think that I’m crazy for believing quarterbacks, especially ones like Kirk Cousins, Brock Osweiler and Sam Bradford, should try to get contracts that pay them handsomely, but are also team friendly. Many believe they should try to get everything they can, rather than settle for reasonable deals with their current teams.