Art Weiss and Bill Belichick: From Wayne Chrebet to Chris Hogan

I ran across this great video of Wayne Chrebet today and it sparked this thought that I’ll talk about here, but be elaborating on further in an article that I’m writing that will also be one of the final chapters of Caponomics. Belichick has his own formula for his dynasty and that article/chapter will be […]

CJ-NO-WAY: Sizing up Chris Johnson’s eventual arrival on the 2014 RB market

[adsenseyu1] Titans RB Chris Johnson is soon to be Former–Titans RB Chris Johnson. He answered “no way” when asked if he’d take a pay cut this off-season, and Tennessee will almost surely cut CJ loose. After Sunday, Johnson will end up having played 3 years and having collected $31 million of the 6 year/ $56 […]