2019 Potential Cuts: Running Back

Carlos Hyde, Jaguars Cap Saved: $4.7M; Cash Saved: $4.7M; Dead Money: $0MThe Jaguars brought Hyde in on a mid-season trade while dealing with injuries to the running backs. Hyde was completely ineffective and there should be zero reason for him to stay in 2019. He has $3 million that becomes guaranteed three days into free […]

Looking at the Browns Past QB Trades That Built The Roster They Have Now

Next week I will be appearing on my friend Jack Duffin‘s podcast titled, “The Paul Brown Show,” so I’m looking over some of his questions for the upcoming episode to prepare. I hope you’ll be able to listen, I love talking about the Browns and the process they’ve gone through over the last few years; […]

2019 Compensatory Picks Potential

With the deadline for placing the franchise or transition tag on players now in the past, we can take a closer look as to how teams could approach free agency with respect to gaining potential for compensatory picks a year from now. A few of the factors that come into judging potential for each team […]