Browns 2015 Salary Cap Outlook

[adsenseyu1] Estimated 2015 Cap Space: $48.8 million ($140M cap limit)Roster Overview Players Under Contract: 55 Pro Bowlers: 3 Unrestricted Free Agents: 10(4 with 50%+ playtime) Draft Selection: 12 Salary Cap Breakdown Free Agents to Re-sign The team faces an interesting decision with cornerback Buster Skrine. They drafted a replacement for him but Skrine is the […]

2020 Compensatory Picks Potential

With the deadline for placing the franchise or transition tag on players now in the past, we can take a closer look as to how teams could approach free agency with respect to gaining potential for compensatory picks a year from now. A few of the factors that come into judging potential for each team […]

Looking at Le’Veon Bell’s Contract Offer and the Plight of the Running Back

Yesterday when Le’Veon Bell’s agent made reference to “paying the position rather than the player” it reminded me on an article I wrote way back when about the devaluing of the position, comparing the way teams were approaching their contracts to the way they approached kickers. While things haven’t gotten that bad, its still shocking […]