Poison Pills and Alex Mack

[adsenseyu1] With the news of the Alex Mack contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars fresh in the news a phrase I had not heard in some time is resurfacing- “poison pill”.  A poison pill contract is a type of contract that is given to a player whose rights are still controlled, whether by the restricted, franchise, […]

Can the Jaguars Sign Alex Mack Away from the Browns?

[adsenseyu1] Apparently the Jacksonville Jaguars are going to make an attempt to sign center Alex Mack away from the Cleveland Browns. Mack had been designated a Transition players by Cleveland, which gives the Browns the right to match any offer sheet that Mack signs from another NFL team. So for Jacksonville to be able to […]

Franchise Tags, Lower Valued Positions and Alex Mack

[adsenseyu1] Had an interesting question today from a fan of the site regarding the odds that the Browns would use the Franchise Tag on Center Alex Mack. I thought it was an interesting topic to write about since it involves a number of considerations a team must make in regards to certain positions. When the […]