2017 Potential Cuts: Linebacker

1. Elvis Dumervil, Ravens Cap Saved: $6 million/Cash Saved: $6 million Two years ago Dumervil had 17 sacks and was an All Pro selection, but his performance has plummeted since making the turn past 30. His sack total dropped to 6 in 2015, his lowest figure since 2008, and finished with just 3 sacks this […]

Colts 2015 Salary Cap Outlook

Estimated 2015 Cap Space: $27.7M ($143M cap limit)Roster Overview Players Under Contract: 54 Pro Bowlers: 5 Unrestricted Free Agents: 12(6 with 50%+ playtime) Draft Selection: 29 Salary Cap Breakdown Free Agents to Re-sign Veteran safety Mike Adams ended up being an important addition to the Colts defense last season on a one year minimum salary contract. […]

2015 ECV Expected Outcomes: NFC West

2015 ECV Expected Outcomes:  NFC West NFC East AFC East As a reminder, the percentages listed in the second column represent the likelihood that the team will keep the player under contract for the 2015 season.  Also, keep in mind that ECV has no idea whether or not the player is talented, valuable, or healthy.  […]