Thoughts on the Aaron Rodgers Extension

[adsenseyu1] Full details were released today on the Aaron Rodgers extension and while we happened to guess the structure correct in our Twitter musings lets give full credit here to Aaron Wilson of who confirmed the guess with his breakdown of the contract. There is really no need for me to rehash the contract […]

A Fair Value for QB Aaron Rodgers

[adsenseyu1]With Aaron Rodgers supposedly deep in contract negotiations I thought it might be worth looking at what he should expect to make. I don’t want to bother going into statistics or anything like that. (If you want to read my piece on statistical measures to assign contract values you can click to it here). I […]

Looking at a Contract for Russell Wilson

With the Legion of Boom no longer patrolling the Seahawks’ secondary and Marshawn Lynch years removed from playing in the Pacific Northwest, the Hawks have inarguably become Russell Wilson’s franchise…at least for now.  Rumors have swirled for months with respect to Wilson’s future with the team, as the star quarterback’s contract expires after the upcoming […]

Patriots Quick Passing Offense, It’s Implications in Regard to WR Value, and What Play Callers Mean to Offenses

I was on Twitter spit-balling on the idea of the Patriots drafting Hunter Renfrow in the sixth round, then the potential of having him and Braxton Berrios together as Julian Edelman moves closer to retirement (thought not seeming to slow down now). This is of course if they were to be successful and make a […]

Looking at the Browns Past QB Trades That Built The Roster They Have Now

Next week I will be appearing on my friend Jack Duffin‘s podcast titled, “The Paul Brown Show,” so I’m looking over some of his questions for the upcoming episode to prepare. I hope you’ll be able to listen, I love talking about the Browns and the process they’ve gone through over the last few years; […]