2023 NFL Team Reports

With the 2022 NFL season officially complete I uploaded offseason overviews for our premium subscribers for 30 of the 32 teams (the Eagles and Chiefs will come sometime this week). You can find them under the free agency tab in the free agency reports section.

Each team will have a breakdown of their current estimated cap situation, free agent numbers, draft status, and potential cuts and we break down the spending on offense and defense plus how we valued those units using our valuation metric (again just as a reminder the valuation metric is not a contract estimate). Finally I’ll have some thoughts on what the teams may do with their salary cap in the offseason, team needs, and a general outlook for the team.

Right now these are individual files for download but once I finalize the other two teams I will post one file containing all 32 teams so you can just download that file and have them all in one document.

If you would like to preview one of the reports here is the report for the Indianapolis Colts.