2019 Potential Cuts: Wide Receiver

DeVante Parker, Dolphins
Cap Saved: $9.39M; Cash Saved: $9.39M; Dead Money: $0

Parker completely fell out of favor with the team last season which lead to a pretty public spat between the team and his agent. Parker finished the season with a career low 309 yards, 134 of which came in one game. Now it is possible that this rift was all related to former coach Adam Gase, but given the Dolphins cap situation and likely decision to rebuild it would make little sense to pay Parker $9.4 million for a season. His salary becomes guaranteed on the first day of free agency.

Demaryius Thomas, Texans
Cap Saved: $14M; Cash Saved: $14M; Dead Money: $0

The former Broncos franchise players has really trailed off the last two seasons. He was more or less an emergency addition for the Texans and they should not have any need for him at this price next year with everyone healthy. Thomas at this stage of his career is probably a decent veteran third target that will be good for 500 or so yards and a few red zone shots.

Travis Benjamin, Chargers
Cap Saved: $5.25M; Cash Saved: $5.25M; Dead Money: $1.25

Though it is likely that the Chargers will lose Tyrell Williams in free agency I can’t envision them thinking that Benjamin is going to somehow pick up the slack. Benjamin is coming off a sub 200 yard season and I can’t picture a team spending over $5 million for a few deep shots down the field for a player turning 30.

Torrey Smith, Panthers
Cap Saved: $5M; Cash Saved: $5M; Dead Money: $0

The Panthers may be desperate for wide receivers but Smith should not be retained at this price.  Smith finished 2018 with just 190 yards in 11 games for the Panthers and hasn’t produced a 500 yard season since 2015.

DeSean Jackson, Buccaneers
Cap Saved: $10M; Cash Saved: $10M; Dead Money: $0

The Bucs have indicated that they want Jackson back but Jackson seems to want out and maybe the talk of wanting him back is to try to open a trade market. Jackson didn’t really fit that well with the Bucs offense and never meshed that well with Jameis Winston. He should have been a good fit and should be a good fit in the new offense but sometimes its just best to move on in relationships like this one.

Seth Roberts, Raiders
Cap Saved: $4.65M; Cash Saved: $4.65M; Dead Money: $0

The price on Roberts is a bit high for his production and given the Raiders lack of depth at the position I could see them keeping him, but most likely he will be released as Gruden makes over the roster with his guys.

Terrance Williams, Cowboys
Cap Saved: $2.25M; Cash Saved: $3.5M; Dead Money: $2.5M

It was just an awful season for Williams. Off the field issues led to a suspension. He dealt with injuries. All in all he saw action in 3 games and produced 18 yards in those 3 games. I thought Williams was a steal at the price the Cowboys signed him for but ever since signing the deal he’s regressed and should be on the way out.

Allen Hurns, Cowboys
Cap Saved: $5M; Cash Saved: $5M; Dead Money: $1.25M

Hurns suffered a terrible injury in this years playoffs and will have a good chance to earn at least a portion of his salary because of that, but with so many big extensions on the horizon I would anticipate Dallas making a change here. Hurns simply never recaptured the magic of his one season with the Jaguars where he broke out for over 1,000 yards and last year finished under 300 yards for the first time in his career.

Pierre Garcon, 49ers
Cap Saved: $1.08M; Cash Saved: $6M; Dead Money: $7.2M

The 49ers haven’t struck with too many of their recent signings and the Garcon signing was pretty typical of the type of player they signed. Garcon has been neither healthy nor productive in his two years with the 49ers. They don’t really save any cap room by cutting Garcon but I can’t come up with a logical reason to pay him $6 million either.

Michael Crabtree, Ravens
Cap Saved: $4.67M; Cash Saved: $7M; Dead Money: $4.67M

Crabtree struggled with his hands most of the season and finished the season with the lowest per game totals of his career. Crabtree had looked like his career had taken a downward turn in his final year in Oakland and nothing changed this year to make anyone think otherwise. Crabtree is not finished but he also is no longer a $7 million receiver.

Danny Amendola, Dolphins
Cap Saved: $6M; Cash Saved: $6M; Dead Money: $0

Amendola more or less gave the Dolphins everything that could have been expected and if they were happy with the $6 million price tag then he won’t be cut. I only mention him here because that $6 million number was bloated to start with. Given that they have re-shuffled their front office they may value him lower than this and would look to move on.

Nelson Agholor, Eagles
Cap Saved: $9.4M; Cash Saved: $9.4M; Dead Money: $0

Agholor has been pretty steady the last two years with around 700 yards a season and while he is likely never going to live up to the lofty first round expectations he is worth a long term deal somewhere in this price range. The question is will it be with the Eagles?  The Eagles are tight with the salary cap and they did look to add to the receiving corps with the trade for Golden Tate mid season which may say something about what they think about Agholor’s value. I would not be surprised if he is extended but would be mildly surprised if he plays the year out at this figure.