2019 Potential Cuts: Running Back

Carlos Hyde, Jaguars
Cap Saved: $4.7M; Cash Saved: $4.7M; Dead Money: $0M

The Jaguars brought Hyde in on a mid-season trade while dealing with injuries to the running backs. Hyde was completely ineffective and there should be zero reason for him to stay in 2019. He has $3 million that becomes guaranteed three days into free agency so this should be an early decision.

Jonathan Stewart, Giants
Cap Saved: $2.5M; Cash Saved: $3.45M; Dead Money: $0M

It’s hard to say that a contract this small was one of the worst of the year, but this one was. Stewart has done a tremendous job with his contracts given his production and injuries throughout his career. My guess is this is the last one for anything meaningful. Technically this will be a declined option rather than a release.

LeSean McCoy, Bills
Cap Saved: $6.43M; Cash Saved: $6.43M; Dead Money: $2.63M

McCoy fell off a cliff this season with career lows in almost every category possible. He basically had one game all season where he looked like the McCoy of old. Given that the Bills should be turning over their roster it’s probably best for both sides to move on. McCoy will likely get a look from a playoff type team for a few million in free agency.

Isaiah Crowell, Jets
Cap Saved: $3M; Cash Saved: $4M; Dead Money: $2M

Crowell looks like another in a long line of mediocre free agent signings by the Jets. Crowell’s overall numbers looked fine for the year but that was because of a monstrous 219 yard game on just 15 carries against Denver and a 100 yard effort in week 1 against the Lions. He was invisible from week 6 onward before landing on IR late in the year. Jets may have their eyes on bigger players.

Chris Ivory, Bills
Cap Saved: $2.25M; Cash Saved: $2.25M; Dead Money: $750K

Ivory isn’t expensive and maybe the Bills see a short yardage role for him but they should be able to find a cheaper option that can do at least the same as Ivory. Ivory hasn’t made any impact in his last three seasons since he left the Jets for a big contract with the Jaguars.