2017 Potential Cuts: Safety

1. DeAngelo Hall, Redskins
Cap Saved: $4.3 million/Cash Saved: $4.3 million

This contract fell in the “thank you for your years of service category” when the Redskins signed it with Hall back in 2014. Since that time it’s been a rough ride for Hall who has missed 31 games in the first three seasons of the contract. Clearly it is time for Washington to move on especially with a large core of free agent decisions this year.
2. Jairus Byrd, Saints
Cap Saved: $3.7 million/Cash Saved: $8.3 million

You can track the Saints cap woes back a bit further than this contract but this may have been the turning point where it went from a problem into a three year long salary cap nightmare. This was a huge deal at the time with massive guarantees and one that was only made worse with an ill advised restructure after he played in just 4 games in an injury filled season. They may look to bring his pay down since the cap savings are minimal but keeping him at this number would be a mistake.

3. Darrell Stuckey, Chargers
Cap Saved: $2.9 million/Cash Saved: $2.9 million

This is one of those contracts signed for special teams with a possibility of doing more. But if the player doesn’t do more often the last year of the contract is too high which is the case here. Stuckey’s salary is nearly three times what he earned in each of the last two seasons which would seem to make cutting him a pretty realistic option.

4. Tyvon Branch, Cardinals
Cap Saved: $2.8 million/Cash Saved: $4 million

2016 marked the third time in four years that Branch ended the season on IR. He has now missed 36 games in that timespan and only once appeared in more than 7 games. There are still guarantees in this contract that might protect his spot, but Arizona shouldn’t be chasing a player like this unless there is a significant salary conversion to incentives.

5. Marcus Gilchrist, Jets
Cap Saved: $4.6 million/Cash Saved: $6 million

I think the Jets expected big things from Gilchrist when he came over in free agency but it hasn’t materialized. He was poor in coverage and the Jets secondary was routinely exploited with the safety help being non existent. Gilchrist’s salary jumps from $5 to $6 million so its hard to see them seeing the value here unless there is a pay cut. If the Jets do keep Darrelle Revis and move him to safety a $12 million investment in the position between Revis and Gilchrist would seem insane. Gilchrist could qualify for injury protection on a small portion of his salary.
6. Lardarius Webb, Ravens
Cap Saved: $5.5 million/Cash Saved: $5.5 million

The Ravens have some big decisions to make this offseason about either starting a youth movement or chasing one last time with veterans who have failed to finish over 500 in three of the last four seasons. If they decide the former Webb is likely to be released to help open up some needed cap room and save on their budget. If they continue to chase with the current team then he’ll probably finish out his contract with the team.