2017 NFL Picks: Week 4

So 8 wins last week which still isnt good but at least its moving in the right direction. A lot of good games this week so it should be an enjoyable Sunday. Hopefully we’ll be back to a regular posting schedule next week, but at least we got the picks in.

Saints (-2.5) over DOLPHINS– A tough slate of games for Miami who has had to travel all over the place since their season began a week late. For as bad as the Saints defense is I don’t think Miami’s offense can take enough advantage to win this one. Saints 27 Dolphins 19

Titans (-1.5) over TEXANS- Interesting divisional game that can really propel the Titans for the entire year. Houston should have won last week but their coach had a large part in the loss. I wouldn’t trust him in a close game. Titans 20 Texans 17

BROWNS (+3.5) over Bengals– AJ Green should have a field day, but Im not sure what else there is to like about the Bengals at this point. I do think they will get their first win of the year but I cant pick them to do so by more than a field goal. Bengals 20 Browns 19

VIKINGS (-2.5) over Lions– I have a feeling the Vikings are going to be close to unbeatable at home this year while looking completely vulnerable on the road. Detroit was robbed last week but I don’t think there will be any question this week. Vikings 27 Lions 16

FALCONS (-8.5) over Bills– Similar to the Vikings above I think Atlanta is going to fit the same course when it comes to home and away. Im sure the Bills will hang around for a half before Atlanta pulls away late in the game. Falcons 30 Bills 17

Ravens (+2.5) over STEELERS- I have no idea what happened to the Ravens last week, but I’d think after getting wacked like that on the road they should be pretty focused coming home. My guess is if the Steelers win it will be a blowout, but if it’s a slugfest, as most of their games against the Ravens are, I’d lean towards the home team. Ravens 21 Steelers 15

Rams (+8.5) over COWBOYS– I don’t think I could justify Dallas covering this big of a line especially coming off a short week. Rams have been early teases before but I like the way they have looked so far and even if Dallas plays really well the Rams should be able to hang around. Cowboys 27 Rams 23

JETS (+3.5) over Jaguars– I think if the Jets NT plays most of the game they can stuff the Jaguars run game and force the ball into Bortles hand which should give them a chance to win. Jaguars pass rush could lead to Josh McCowns annual 8 week injury but if he can stay healthy I think the Jets can win.  Jets 20 Jaguars 17

PATRIOTS (-8.5) over Panthers– Defensively the Patriots aren’t much right now but I thought the same last week of the Saints against Carolina and Carolina did nothing. Panthers offense is horrific and looks lost.  Patriots 30 Panthers 13

CHARGERS (-0.5) over Eagles– This is a pick based on Philly having a big letdown after last weeks emotional win as I think the Eagles are a better team than the Chargers.  Chargers always find a way to lose games it seems, but maybe they won’t screw it up this time. Chargers 20 Eagles 14

49ers (+7.5) over CARDINALS– I just don’t like Arizona anymore especially as a big favorite. They should get some favorable matchups this week but they really miss their running back.  Would it be shocking if they lost this week?  Probably not and for that reason I would take the points. Cardinals 24 49ers 20

Giants (+3.5) over BUCCANEERS– This is the Giants season and if they don’t come out with some added intensity then it’s probably going to get ugly in NY. I could see this going both ways but Ill go with the team that should be more desperate to win. Giants 23 Bucs 20

Raiders (+2.5) over BRONCOS– Both teams are coming off bad games and Denver is home which is helpful, but Ive been on the Carr bandwagon for a long time and this is a game he needs to win.  Should be a great matchup. Raiders 27 Broncos 24

SEAHAWKS (-13.5) over Colts– Seattle has that look of a team ready to implode but this is the kind of game where they should roll over a team. If they play a 13-10 type game Id be worried. Seahawks 24 Colts 6

CHIEFS (-6.5) over Redskins– KC is playing really well right now and they always have a great home field. I never love Cousins and company away from home and think they just wont have enough to keep up at the end. Chiefs 27 Redskins 17