2017 NFL Picks: Week 11

Two weeks in a row of decent picks so Im debating if I should keep the shorter format, but figured I would try to do a line on each game instead. Ill try to have picks up for Thanksgiving next week too even though I usually skip the Thursday games.

Jaguars (-7.5) over BROWNS– Maybe this is the Browns super bowl and they will put forth a great effort, but its hard to see them doing much on offense even if they have that effort in them. Jaguars 24 Browns 10

Bucs (+2.5) over DOLPHINS– Two pretty bad teams going nowhere, though the Dolphins are in the terrible AFC playoff picture. Bucs offense looked terrible against the Jets but Dolphins just look lost. Bucs 21 Dolphins 19

TEXANS (+1.5) over Cardinals– Just a brutal football game. Texans 17 Cardinals 16

SAINTS (-7.5) over Redskins– Saints have really shocked me this year especially after their start. Team is playing great in every facet. Redskins cant really compete at this level for 60 minutes.  Saints 29 Redskins 17

Chiefs (-10.5) over GIANTS– Chiefs have not been playing that well of late, but the Giants are just giving no effort at all and I cant believe in the colder weather today they will even want to be on the field. Chiefs 27 Giants 14

Rams (+2.5) over VIKINGS– This should be a pretty good game between two of the better NFC teams this year. I think the Rams are the better team so Im picking them but I could see the Vikings steamrolling them if they get aggressive early on offense. Rams 20 Vikings 17

PACKERS (+2.5) over Ravens– I don’t know what to make of the Packers, but I do know the Ravens offense is bad and on the road they should be even worse. Packers 20 Ravens 19

Lions (-2.5) over BEARS– I don’t think the Lions will roll over the Bears but Id expect them to get the late cover. Lions 23 Bears 17

CHARGERS (-3.5) over Bills– Unless Peterman is a great player, this has all the makings of a disaster even against a team they will do everything they can to let the Bills hang around. Chargers 24 Bills 14

Bengals (+2.5) over BRONCOS– Also a pretty ugly game between two teams going nowhere. Not sure it’s a great matchup for the Bengals on offense but Broncos are ugly on offense too. Broncos 19 Bengals 17

Patriots (-6.5) over RAIDERS– Could be fun for a little while but Raiders wont be able to keep up for the full game. Patriots 34 Raiders 20

Eagles (-3.5) over COWBOYS– Eagles are having some season while Dallas is a bit banged up. They would have been better off if Elliot took his suspension early though the loss of their left tackle is a bigger issue. Eagles 24 Cowboys 20

SEAHAWKS (-2.5) over Falcons– Question is do you get the good Seahawks offense or the one that plays down and struggles?  Seahawks secondary is now a big question mark and Falcons are coming off their best game of the year, but Ill still go with Seattle. Seahawks 23 Falcons 17