2016 Compensatory Picks Could Be Released Tomorrow

Via Jason La Canfora:

For one more reminder, here is my projection, and you can refer the cancellation charts here.

In my opinion, this is a welcome development, especially once compensatory picks can become tradeable (and yes, plenty of Tweeters have reminded La Canfora that this will not happen until 2017).  Teams should have their whole arsenal of draft picks, compensatory or not, available by the start of free agency.  Furthermore, there’s not reason to not release the compensatory picks at the earliest moment possible, which would be after the Super Bowl MVP is announced for possible postseason honors adjustments.

  • theowl

    Cool. Gotta be pretty exciting to see how close you came with your predictions.

  • theowl

    How about modifying your cancellation chart to include all free agents available for each team, and/or at least including free agents signed by their original team. When a team signs one of it’s own FAs it still becomes a choice of not getting a comp pick for that player.

    I promise to only bug you about this once a year.

  • McGeorge

    Does a team get a compensatory pick for each free agent lost?
    If a team lost 3 players , each getting 12MM/year, would the team be awarded 3 picks between the 3rd and 4th round?