2015 Positional Spending for Playoff Teams

I have some podcasts and articles coming soon, so here are some more figures that will be referenced to often. Below are the offensive and defensive averages for all 12 playoff teams as well as the Super Bowl positional averages that I compiled last offseason.

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Figure 1: Offensive Averages

2015 Offensive Playoff Average

Figure 2: Defensive Averages

2015 Defensive Playoff Average

Figure 3: Super Bowl Offenses

Super Bowl Offensive Positional Spending

West Coast: 94 49ers, 96 Packers, 97/98 Broncos, 00 Ravens, 02 Bucs, 10 Packers, 13 Seahawks

Erhardt-Perkins: 01/03/04 Patriots, 05 Steelers, 07 Giants, 11 Giants, 14 Patriots

Air Coryell: 95 Cowboys, 99 Rams, 06 Colts, 08 Steelers, 09 Saints, 12 Ravens

Figure 4: Super Bowl Defenses

Super Bowl Defensive Positional Spending

Figure 5: Super Bowl Specialists

Super Bowl Specialists Spending

Figure 6: Total Team Spending

Super Bowl Total Team Spending

Figure 7: Offensive Stats for 2015 Playoff Teams

Offensive Stats for 2015 Playoff Teams

Figure 8: Defensive Stats for 2015 Playoff Teams

Defensive Stats for 2015 Playoff Teams

Figure 9: Yards Per Play for 2015 Playoff Teams

2015 Playoff Teams Yds Per Play