2015 NFL Predictions: Week 3

Well the picks last week were not as good, going just 9-7 both with and without the spread. So through two weeks I’m 22-10 SU and 19-12-1 ATS. In a few weeks I’ll base the predictions on my team efficiency ratings but for now Ill still just wing it. Thursday is up now and Ill  be back over the weekend with the rest of the picks.

GIANTS (-3) over Redskins-  Based on the way the Giant have unravelled the last two weeks I have a hard time picking them again, but as a home team on a short week I give them an advantage over Washington. Washington ha been efficient offensively and played pretty well on defense, but I dont know if their run game will take off on New York. I dont envision Cousins having a big game and I think they need him to have one if they want to beat the Giants. Of course the Giants may just find a new way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but Ill take my chances. Giants 20 Redskins 13

JETS (-1.5) over Eagles– Jets are living off a ridiculous amount of turnovers right now, but Philly just seems out of it. Between getting new parts to work together and some young guys not yet looking to be ready for the NFL game they look like a team more poised to make a run in the mid part of the season than now. Wonder if they would pull the plug on the QB today if things dont improve on offense? Jets 20 Eagles 13

TEXANS (-6.5) over Buccaneers– Tampa won their Super Bowl last week and will likely let down somewhat today. Texans pass rush should eat up the Bucs line and force a ton of mistakes. Not sure if Houstons offense can take advantage of that, but they should get some good opportunities and only have to protect against garbage time points to cover. Texans 24 Buccaneers 16

PANTHERS (-9.5) over Saints– The Saints have their team sitting on the sidelines this week with Drew Brees injured. With Brees out they have nothing on offense and we all know how bad their defense is. This is a giant spread for the Panthers to cover, but I have a hard time believing the Saints have any fight in them. Panthers 29 Saints 13

Steelers (-1) over RAMS– Interesting game. Rams had a letdown last week which was disappointing but they are back home now and should have their heads more into this game. If the Rams can collapse the pocket they can win the game but if they cant bring Roethlisberger down it could be a long day. Ill take the experience to win here. Steelers 24 Rams 20

Chargers (+2) over VIKINGS– San Diego had a tough time against the Bengals last week and while the Vikings will run a similar system I dont believe they have the same personnel that Cincy does to pull it off the same way. San Diego should have just enough to win a close one on the road. Chargers 24 Vikings 19

COWBOYS(+1.5) over Falcons– Seems like a game where the visiting team will come in overconfident and end up in a much more difficult game than expected. Dallas defense will adjust to try to take even more off the offense and they will try as best as they can on offense to get back to their dominant ground game. Cowboys 17 Falcons 14

Colts (-3.5) over TITANS– If the Colts can’t win this week the panic alarm has to go off. Andrew Luck should rip this team apart and maybe some of the new pieces can begin to fit in.  Colts 31 Titans 17

Raiders (+3.5) over BROWNS– Oakland could come in with a letdown attitude, but I think they will fight hard. Browns secondary usually plays better at home so Raiders will need to rely on the run which should slow the game to a crawl on both sides. That makes that extra 0.5 points pretty hard to pass up. Browns 20 Raiders 17

Jaguars (+13.5) over PATRIOTS– While I would not be stunned if the Patriots covered this game easily, this is a ton of points to give for a defense that right now isnt great and probably wont stay fired up late against a feisty team trying to keep things close. I see this as a good chance for a backdoor cover. Patriots 30 Jaguars 20

RAVENS (-2.5) over Bengals– A must win game for Baltimore who will finally get a chance to play at home. Bengals are always a tough matchup but the Ravens need the game more and should play one of their best games you will see this season. Ravens 24 Bengals 13

CARDINALS (-6.5) over 49ers– Everything is clicking right now for the Arizona offense which has a passing attack that can match up with anyone. 49ers are coming off a game where they looked lost in Pittsburgh and while they should keep this closer, expect more of the same frustration if you are a 49ers fan. Cardinals 33 49ers 24

SEAHAWKS (-14.5) over Bears– This should just be a party in Seattle. Seahawks 37 Bears 10

DOLPHINS (-2.5) over Bills– Very interesting game. Losing team is going to really start to get killed considering the spending that both have done this offseason. Bills played great against the Colts but got annihilated by the Patriots. Dolphins have just looked lackluster and their high priced DT has done nothing thus far. If the Dolphins get lost chasing around the Bills QB then the Bills have a good shot, but Miami is more complete on offense and should be able to win a field goal game. Dolphins 20 Bills 17

Broncos (-3) over LIONS– Perfect matchup for the Broncos to get more parts involved on offense. They seemed to allow Manning more flexibility last week when it was clear he was struggling with this set offense and if they continue that this week the Lions are in big trouble, especially since the Broncos defense is terrific. Broncos 31 Lions 20

PACKERS (-6.5) over Chiefs– I expect this to be very close through 3 quarters before the high end potential of the Packers outguns the limited weapons that the Chiefs have. Packers 31 Chiefs 23