2015 NFL Predictions: Week 2

I started out the season going 13-3 straight up and 10-5-1 against the spread so not too terrible. The three teams I missed on as winners were the Colts, Vikings, and Bucs. The Bucs losing isnt a surprise but I have to admit I was surprised on the other two. In addition to those teams losers ATS were the Ravens and Cowboys with the tie being the Patriots.  I now have all  the games up following the win Thursday.

Broncos (+3) over CHIEFS– Peyton Manning is going through a terrible stretch and looks finished right now. His TD”INT ratio over the last five regular season games is the second worst five game stretch if his career (the worst was during his rookie year) and his general numbers are near all time lows. But the Broncos defense I think has the ability to really pressure Alex Smith and take away the running of Jamaal Charles for Kansas City. The Broncos offensive line is not good but their wide receivers should be able to get open on plays where they get some time and Peyton should still have a few moments where he can connect with them. Broncos 19 Chiefs 13

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BENGALS (-3.5) over Chargers– Tougher game for the Chargers who I think will have a difficult time to consistently move the ball on the Cincy defense. Bengals offense seems to play better at home as well. Bengals 24 Chargers 19

BROWNS (+1.5) over Titans- Tennessee looked great beating up the Bucs while the Browns looked pretty bad in New York, but the Browns are capable of installing a defensive scheme to make the rookie QB play like a rookie this week.  Browns 17 Titans 10

Patriots (+1) over BILLS– Bills were very impressive last week and have the personnel to make life miserable for Brady, but I think this is too big of a step to make this quickly. If they do win I’ll certainly begin to change my opinion on them.  Patriots 23 Bills 16

Rams (-3) over REDSKINS– Im worried about a letdown for the Rams, but if you want to have a letdown game there are few better to have it against than Washington. Rams 20 Redskins 10

GIANTS (-2.5) over Falcons– Giants need to shrug off a terrible loss to avoid allowing their season to spiral out of control. Home field I think is the big difference here as is the short week for Atlanta who was gassed at the end of their win against the Eagles. Giants 27 Falcons 20

PANTHERS (-3) over Texans- Texans offense may provide all the scoring the Panthers need to win. Panthers 16 Texans 10

49ers (+6.5) over STEELERS– I’d be surprised if the Steelers lost this game but 6.5 just seems like too much to give if the 49ers are capable of slowing things down and taking control of the line. Steelers 23 49ers 17

SAINTS (-10) over Buccaneers– This has the makings of a slaughter unless the Bucs really change something around following last weeks mess that looks too much like 2014’s nightmare. Saints 37 Buccaneers 14

Cardinals (-2) over BEARS– Chicago actually played a bit better than I thought they would have last week, but barring a crazy game by Matt Forte, I just see Arizona as the better team, even on the road. Cardinals 21 Bears 17

VIKINGS (-2) over Lions– Minnesota was stuck in preseason mode last week but a trip home should be a big help. I have no faith in the Detroit defense to stop a few big plays from happening. Vikings 24 Lions 17

Ravens (-6) over RAIDERS– Not a good look for either team in week 1 but I’d be far more worried about Oakland than Baltimore. Hard to see Raiders offense being able to do much anything this week. Ravens 23 Raiders 10

JAGUARS (+5.5) over Dolphins– I tend to think this is one of those linger type games where the better team never really pulls away and allows the other team a chance to win a game they probably have no business winning. Dolphins 17 Jaguars 14

Cowboys (+5) over EAGLES– Dallas not having their star wide receiver certainly doesnt help, but they should be able to still move the ball on the Eagles defense. Should be a fun one that Dallas pulls out late. Cowboys 26 Eagles 24

Seahawks (+3.5) over PACKERS– For one reason or another I believe the Seahawks are in the head of the Packers. This just never seems to be a good matchup for Green Bay who too often moves away from what they do best and becomes just another team. Seahawks 27 Packers 21

COLTS (-7) over JETS- Im not feeling this game too much for the Jets. The Colts should be fired up after last weeks misfire and I dont see the Jets offense being able to keep up. Colts 27 Jets 17