2015 NFL Predictions: Week 15

I didn’t think my picks could get any worse but hopefully this past week represented rock bottom and I begin a rebound this week. How bad was I last week?  6-10 ATS and 9-7 SU.  The yearly record now stands at 130-78 and 98-105-5.  It might be tough to reach 0.500 at this point. All the games are now online. Enjoy TFA if you are going this week!

Buccaneers (-1) over RAMS– The Rams certainly played better last week while the Bucs struggled with expectations, but I still see the Bucs as the higher upside team at this point. Maybe thats blind faith in the QB in Tampa who I think can be really good and if he plays well that opens up the run game where they have explosive talent and disregarding too much the strength of the Rams defense, but thats my gut feeling on the game. St. Louis doesnt come across like a team that can keep things going smoothly week to week and I could see their offense having a difficult time keeping possession of the football. Buccaneers 20 Rams 16

Jets (-3.5) over COWBOYS– Huge game for the Jets who probably need to win out barring some big upsets to make the playoffs. This game seems as good a matchup as any for the Jets. While Dallas has one of the best, if not the best, offensive lines in the NFL the Jets play so disciplined versus the run it should not be easy for Dallas to establish that aspect of the came and without Tony Romo they have no passing game at all. Dallas’ defense generaly plays well for most of the game before they tire out nd Id anticipate the same here. Jets pull away in the 4th quarter. Jets 27 Cowboys 13

REDSKINS (+2.5) over Bills– With the Bills all but eliminated from the playoffs I don’t expect to see the fight needed to beat a team in the playoff chase that generally plays well at home. Bills will have some difficult offseason decisions to make. Redskins 23 Bills 17

PATRIOTS (-14) over Titans– Every now and then the Titans have a good game in them but I don’t see this being one of them. Patriots havent been as explosive on offense and the weather beginning to cool probably won’t help, but they can cover a 14 point spread against the Titns. Patriots 31 Titans 13

Chiefs (-6.5) over RAVENS– While the Ravens were on the way to a disappointing season anyway, I can’t recall the last time a team faced so many injuries to their starting lineup as this one. You cant compete when your roster is filled with players who normally would not be in the NFL under normal circumstances. Chiefs 27 Ravens 10

VIKINGS (-5.5) over Bears- I see this as a must win game for the Vikings if they are to make certain their playoff spot is safe and to get back on the right track for the playoffs. Vikings are the much better team and have potential to win big if they get off to a fast start. Vikings 30 Bears 17

JAGUARS (-3) over Falcons– This is not a pro Jaguars pick, but an anti Falcons pick. Atlanta, who had so much control over ther playoff fate after a hot start, is playing like they dont even want to play football on Sunday. The team needs a front office shakeup with a new line of thinking. Jaguars 23 Falcons 14

GIANTS (+4) over Panthers– If there is a game to trip up Carolina before the playoffs this is probably the one. The Giants can score points when they play well regardless of the strength of the opponent and while they wont stop the Panthers offense have a shot to win a shootout. If the Giants lose it will be by 20 or more, but Ill take the upset this week. Giants 37 Panthers 33

Texans (+2) over COLTS– Both teams are going in the wrong direction, but the winner of this game probably makes the playoffs. Colts offense hasn’t done anything of late so Houston should have the edge since their offense is more dangerous and their defense can take advantage of mistakes. Texans 20 Colts 10

RAIDERS (+3.5) over Packers– The Raiders found a way to win a game in which they were dominated defensively for the first half. I want to see if they can keep that kind of focus and determination two weeks in a row against a Packers team that has been better on paper than they show on the field. Easy game for GB to overlook. Raiders 24 Packers 21

SEAHAWKS (-14.5) over Browns– The Browns winning this game would be the most shocking event of the season. Seahawks 38 Browns 7

49ERS (+6) over Bengals– Cincy has the defense to hold the Niners offense to 7 or less but Im not sure how the offense will look without Dalton and if they can avoid turnovers that hand the 49ers points. Ill take the large amount of points for the home team because of that. Bengals 17 49ers 13

Broncos (+7) over STEELERS– Denvers offense needs to be more productive than they were last week to keep up with the Steelers. Really big test for the Broncos defense and Steelers offense. Steelers have the look of a Super Bowl team and I expect them to win, but dont think it will be easy. Steelers 20 Broncos 14

Dolphins (+1) over CHARGERS– While the Dolphins gave up on the season long ago they have players such as Lamar Miller and Olivier Vernon who are playing for new contracts. If you have a few players playing for new deals against a bad team playing for nothing Ill take the team with the few players. Dolphins 19 Chargers 16

Cardinals (-3.5) over EAGLES– If the Eagles win this game expect the bandwagon to grow a bit more. They can win this game as Arizona generally doesnt play as well on the road and has little to play for down the stretch, but they need consistent play from the quarterback to win. I dont see that consistency from Bradford. Cardinals 20 Eagles 17

SAINTS (-3) over Lions- I’m assuming this will be the least watched Monday night game of the season. Saints 30 Lions 17