2015 NFL Predictions: Week 13

Last week I finished 9-7 SU and 7-9 ATS to bring the yearly record to 111-65 and 85-86-5 respectively.All of the games for the week are now online.

Packers (-2.5) over LIONS– I havent had much luck picking the Packers as they are in a funk I am having a hard time explaining. Detroit has certainly played better over the last few weeks and just destroyed the Eagles. With both teams having a full week off, hopefully this will be the best Thursday game in some time. The streaks for both teams really began when they played each other a few weeks back and the Lions upset the Packers in Green Bay so I think the Packers can look at this as the place where they get the season back on track. If Green Bay struggles here I think it might be time to worry about if they can fire for the playoffs. Packers 26 Lions 19

Bengals (-9) over BROWNS– This seems like a mismatch on every level as the Browns continue to be the most dysfunctional team in all of professional sports. Bengals 34 Browns 14

Jaguars (+2.5) over TITANS– If you get theTitans team that shows up every four or five weeks they will probably win going away, but the rest of the time its a flip of the coin. Ill take the points. Titans 21 Jaguars 20

Ravens (+3.5) over DOLPHINS– Too often Miami just sleepwalks through games. For as bad as the Ravens are hurt by injury the one thing you cant deny with  them is effort. Always take a team that gives effort over one who too often does not. Ravens 26 Dolphins 24

BEARS (-7) over 49ers– This is a pretty big number for Chicago to cover, even against an offensively challenged team like the niners, but Il take my chances that the 49ers have a tough time coming back off such a tough loss last week. Bears 24 49ers 16

Jets (-2.5) over GIANTS– Of the two teams I think the Jets are probably the slightly better overall team but the Giants have more potential to get hot to make a playoff run. Both teams are generally inept at managing the clock so I wouldnt be stunned if the losing team comes out complaining of coaching decisions down the stretch. Jets 27 Giants 23

Cardinals (-4.5) over RAMS– I think it is fair to always worry about the Cardinals covering away from home, but the Rams are another team that just has weeks where they play like they have given up. Cardinals 29 Rams 14

Falcons (+1) over BUCCANEERS– If Atlanta loses this game that panic level is going to go through the roof there. Matt Ryan is also going to come under intense pressure if they lose. Things are already sounding bad there. Falcons 27 Buccaneers 21

Texans (+3.5) over BILLS– Important game for the Bills to try to hold onto their playoff hopes. Texans are playing great on defense right now, though I think the Bills can get a few big plays in there on them to take the game late. Bills 23 Texans 21

VIKINGS (+2) over Seahawks– Seems like these are two mirror images of one another. Seahawks get the experience edge but Ill go with the home team to win a very close game. Vikings 21 Seahawks 20

Chiefs (-3) over RAIDERS- Chiefs can be a very dangerous team come playoff time. Raiders need this game to remain in the chase, but I think their best moments have come and gone this year. Chiefs 31 Raiders 20

Broncos (-4) over CHARGERS– Expect the Osweiler bandwagon to keep growing when the Chargers implode in this one. Broncos 26 Chargers 14

PATRIOTS (-7.5) over Eagles– Patriots offensive has not been as explosive as they were earlier in the year and they have plenty of skill position injuries to hamper them even further, but the way the Eagles are playing I cant pick against New England. Patriots 35 Eagles 19

Panthers (-6.5) over SAINTS– If there is a team that could maybe stun the Panthers it would be this one if Drew Brees just gets into one of his zones, but 90% of the time Brees cant make up for that defense. This will be one of those times. Panthers 40 Saints 20

Colts (+7.5) over STEELERS– If the Colts come out of this stretch of games realizing that Andrew Luck has to be a part of the show rather than the whole show the coach needs to go. Indy can be great with Luck once they stop treating him as if he is one of the best 3 in the NFL, but for now they will be in most games on Sunday trying to cover for Hasselbeck. Steeelers 24 Colts 20

REDSKINS (-4) over Cowboys– The Romoless Cowboys may not win another game this year, which is very beneficial for a Washington team with a good chance at the playoffs. Cowboys only chance is to pressure Cousins into more mistakes than Cassel will make on his own. Redskins 23 Cowboys 17