2015 NFL Predictions: Week 12

Thanksgiving was not kind  to me as I went just 1-2 on those games. Lets see if I can pick up the slack on Sunday…

Raiders (-1) over TITANS– I could go back and forth on this one all day but I just think the Raiders will find a way to get back to playing well and into the back end of the playoff chase. Titans are so up and down that if you get their A game they will win this one by 5 or 6 points but their B game is a loss by at least that much. Raiders 23 Titans 17

Chargers (+5) over JAGUARS– San Diego must truly be awful to be this big of an underdog to the Jaguars. I just can not pick the Jaguars to cover this kind of spread no matter how bad the Chargers defense is and how inept they looked on offense last week. Jaguars 27 Chargers 24

Bills (+5.5) over CHIEFS– This is a big game for the wildcard chase and I expect this to be a good one unless the Bills are hung over from losing in New England. Despite the strength of both defenses I think we’ll see some scoring in this one and a late score by the Bills to get the cover. Chiefs 27 Bills 23

JETS (-4) over Dolphins– Losing team is going to get killed by the local press and fanbase. Both teams are headed in the wrong direction, but Ill take a late game surge by the Jets to get the win. Jets 27 Dolphins 19

Saints (+3) over TEXANS– Should be a fun up and down game unless the Texans defense continues its current streak in which case they will win going away. Im assuming Hopkins will be owned in like 75% of all DFS teams based on this matchup. Texans 28 Saints 26

BENGALS (-8.5) over Rams– Unless the one week break sees Foles come out strong at the start I expect the Rams to generally fold as soon as they fall behind by 6. Bengals 24 Rams 10

Vikings (+2.5) over FALCONS– Atlanta is flaming out fast and will probably struggle against a defense like the Vikings that is typically stingy. Could see a big game for AP in this one. Vikings 23 Falcons 21

COLTS (-3) over Buccaneers– Regardless of the way the season ends, Lovie Smith has done a wonderful job with a pretty poor football team this season. Bucs probably a bit hung over after last week which should give the Colts the edge. Colts 26 Bucs 21

Giants (-2.5) over REDSKINS– The Giants can really put a stranglehold onto the NFC East with a win this week. If they get after Cousins early they can win in a rout, but even if they cant they should be more seasoned to pull out a close win. Giants 27 Redskins 23

Cardinals (-10) over 49ERS– Id be stunned if this is a game. Cardinals 37 49ers 13

Steelers (+3.5) over SEAHAWKS– I see the Steelers as a playoff team that could make a real run at the AFC and I cant saw that about Seattle in the NFC right now. Steelers pull it out. Steelers 20 Seahawks 17

Patriots (-2.5) over BRONCOS– Points will be at a premium in this one, but the Patriots offense is just too much for the Broncos to match. Patriots 21 Broncos 16

BROWNS (-3) over Ravens– The Ravens, who have found ways to lose every week when healthy, are basically going out there with a 2nd half preseason team. Even against the Browns that wont work well. Browns 27 Ravens 17