2015 NFL Predictions: Week 10

Last week is in the books and I went 9-4 both with and without the points. By far the game I was most off on was the Falcons who I thought would beat up San Francisco but struggled again and lost again to a bad team. My best pick was probably the Panthers beating the Packers though I thought it would be closer than it was. The yearly record is now at 90-42 SU and 67-60-5 ATS. All the games are up for the week now,

JETS (-1.5) over Bills– This should be a close game. If it is not close it probably is going to mean the Bills win big. Buffalo is streaky from week to week, which is not surprising considering Rex is the head coach. Jets fans had grown accustomed to that for his entire run in NY. The Jets secondary is banged up and quite frankly has not looked good for the last two weeks plus the second half in New England. The Bills are not really a passing team so I don’t believe that they will take advantage of that weakness as much as other teams will, but the Jets will have a hard time containing Taylor between the tackles. I dont see the Bills running on the Jets but screen passes and wheel routes and generally anything to a RB when covered by Harris or Davis scares me.

The Jets have to get Chris Ivory going to have any consistency on offense. Perhaps that early season use has hurt him because he looks like he hit a wall. There is no guarantee Nick Mangold will be able to play for 4 quarters which will also hurt since he is the best lineman for the team. Mangold plays through more injuries than most players which is a big reason why the fans love him so much. Decker should also be a big key player to look at. He has been much better now that Marshall is on the team and he should find himself in some good matchups. They need a big game from him.  Jets 24 Bills 21

EAGLES (-6) over Dolphins– The Eagles are starting to resemble a bit more of what was expected of them when they built the team and this should be a very favorable matchup against a Dolphins team that cant stop the run and doesnt move the ball that well on offense. Eagles 26 Dolphins 17

STEELERS (-6) over Browns– With or without Roethlisberger the Steelers should run the ball right down the throat of the Browns and the Browns will make too many mistakes on offense to keep it that close. Steelers 29 Browns 16

Saints (+1) over REDSKINS– Nobody can figure the Saints out, but if they can turn this game into a shootout they should be able to get a win on the road. Saints 29 Redskins 27

RAVENS (-4.5) over Jaguars– Could be a surprisngly exciting and high scoring game. Jaguars will make a few too many mistakes to pull this one out on the road, but I think if Flacco doesnt have a big game this will be a loss. Ravens 31 Jaguars 24

PACKERS (-10.5) over Lions– I don’t see any path for the Lions to compete on defense in this game and they dont have the firepower on offense to win that kind of game. Packers 37 Lions 17

Cowboys (-1) over BUCCANEERS– Huge game for Dallas to keep their slim hopes alive for the season. Bucs will keep this close until a late mistake turns the game. Cowboys 24 Buccaneers 20

Bears (+7) over RAMS– Early this season I really thought the Bears were the worst team in the NFL. While they arent a good team they clearly are nowhere near the worst in the league and John Fox has done a good job of getting something out of a very flawed roster. Rams defense can be stifling but this is too many points to pass up. Rams 20 Bears 14

Panthers (-4) over TITANS– This is certainly a trap game for Carolina coming off the big win last week and the Titans can have flashes on offense, but that late defensive collapse last week should keep the Panthers from falling into the trap. Panthers 24 Titans 19

Vikings (+3) over RAIDERS– This is a nice test for both teams. Oakland is the more dynamic of the two teams, but the Vikings have a tendency to drag teams down and turn games ugly. Raiders win but by less than a field goal. Raiders 21 Vikings 20

BRONCOS (-4.5) over Chiefs– If the Chiefs can steal this game more teams are going to take notice of how easy their second half is. Defensive struggle with a defensive play by the Broncos helping to get the cover. Broncos 20 Chiefs 14

Patriots (-7.5) over GIANTS– The Giants defense can’t slow down  team like the Bucs, how are they going to slow the Patriots down?  Patriots 39 Giants 24

Cardinals (+3) over SEAHAWKS– This would be a huge win for Arizona and a crushing blow to Seattle were they to lose. Arizona is not as impressive on the road, but Seattle gets off to such slow starts I think Arizona can overcome whatever jitters they have early to take commanding control of the West. Cardinals 24 Seahawks 17

BENGALS (-11) over Texans- We are clearly at the point where these Monday games become an afterthought because of bad matchups. Bengals 31 Texans 16