2014 New York Giants Offseason Salary Cap and Financial Report


Welcome to one of the newest additions to the Over the Cap website: the offseason Financial Scouting Report, which should help serve as a guide to a teams’ offseason planning for the 2014 season.  This will be our fifth report and will break down some thoughts on the New York Giants. Each report will contain a breakdown of the current roster, a look at performance from 2013, salary cap outlooks, free agents, salary cap cuts, draft costs, extension candidates, and possible free agent targets. The hope is to do a report for all 32 teams by the start of Free Agency, if time allows. Thus far we have covered the Jets, Dolphins, Texans, and Cowboys.

Because the report contains some graphs and charts and over 5,000 words it is available for download as an Adobe PDF file that you can read at your leisure offline and keep for a handy reference during the year rather than as a blog post. The report is free for download and reading, but if you find the report useful and would like to help OTC continue to grow and add content like this we would appreciate the “purchase” of the report for just $1.00 by clicking the Paypal link below or the one within the report. Also if using any of the graphs or salary data please just add a reference to OTC when doing so.

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  • Ox

    So Eli got to be 34 pretty quick

  • TheeLidman

    Eli is only 33, but if the NYG believe he will be their QB for the next 5yrs, I think this off season is critical. Philly is much improved, so winning the division appears, IMO, to go through them. When you look at the NFC, as a whole, there is a lot of quality, meaning WC spots will not be easily achieved. The flip side of this is twofold: A-things can change very quickly, season to season, in the NFL and B-it looks like they’ll be an additional playoff team in 2015.
    I’m not a NYG fan, but think they should really at least ‘reload’ if not ‘rebuild’, and try and get another run out of Eli Manning. They should have dealt Nicks during the season, but they didn’t. Don’t compound a mistake with another mistake, just let him walk. You have Cruz, Randle has looked solid and is going into year 3 and Jernigan might be a solution in the slot. Draft a WR, and maybe take a low cost chance on a guy like, NJ native, Kenny Britt. At RB, maybe you check in on a guy like McFadden, who has shown explosive ability, when he can stay healthy. I disagree with the assessment on MJD. He’s a 3 down back and if the NYG passing game can reinvent itself with McAdoo (Green Bay takes shots down field too), than I see no reason MJD couldn’t have success. With the exception of Pugh, this OL needs to be rebuilt, entirely. Age, injuries and under performance, the OL, were a major issue. Eli is still prone to making ‘rookie’ mistakes, but if you don’t give him a line that can establish a run game, or be ‘average’ at pass blocking, than it doesn’t matter who you have at QB.
    On defense, you wave goodbye to Tuck. Sorry, but he’s been mediocre, at best, for 2.5 seasons, and then turns it on for the final 8 games of ’13. If he wants to be here, and his ego can accept the pay cut, ok. If he wants to be paid like a top tier DL, then you let someone else dfor it. Pay Joseph: if you can’t stop teams from running, between the tackles, you allow them to use their whole playbook, and are doomed to fail. Make JPP play out his contract. You can’t pay a guy top 5 $, at one of the most expensive positions in the NFL, if he’s only had 1 really elite year. Whether it’s health or attitude, I believe it’s paramount to make him prove he’s worth being paid like an elite DE.
    I get that Terrell Thomas has had injuries and is no longer dynamic, but he knows the system, works his tail off (setting a good example) and is likely to be low cost. If you cut him, you either are drafting a high round CB, which comes with pitfalls (hardest position to physically adjust to in league), or you’re signing someone else, who might not be much better and hasn’t worked in your defense. Definitely try and extend Amukamara before the Sherman and Peterson sign big deals. He’s not a ‘shut down’ guy, but he’s solid. Plus you know you’re getting a solid citizen who will earn his pay. Move on from Antrelle. Similar to Tuck, don’t pay for past production. He’s 32. Yes, he had, a good ’13, but he was ordinary, at best, the prior 2 years-again, these guys know when their contract/cap number puts them at risk of getting cut, restructured (which is generally just a euphemism of ‘pay cut’). I think you keep Beason, he’s still young and likely to be cost effective. They need to restructure Kiawanuka too, maybe that would light a fire under his rear (but you can’t just cut everyone). They need to get younger and faster on D, and find big bodies for the OL in the draft. Again, anything can happen year to year, but without the foundation on the OL, any offense will be hard pressed to succeed, no matter how talented their skill guys are. In a pass crazy league, their secondary is terrible and needs speed at the S position, and JPP to reemerge as a disruptive force. Draft some athletic guys at LB/DB in the mid late rounds, and hope the Beason’s, Thomas’ and Amukamara’s on your team can help mold them into solid pros, by exemplifying the effort it takes to succeed.
    Bottom line: NYG just brought in an outsider, at OC, which signals they realize they need to change to keep up with the times. If you’re a fan, you should hope that same philosophy spills over into the roster construction. It may hurt them a little in the short run, but might be the best way to maximize the remainder of Eli’s career.