Potential 2014 Salary Cap Cuts

With the season approaching it’s conclusion here is our list of players who could be in danger of being cut next year, what the estimated cap savings will be and some thoughts on each player. I will update the chart when news reports come out that change my opinion on some of the players. If you click on the column header you can sort by name, team or position to navigate the chart a bit easier.  Feel free to email me any names I may have missed or add thoughts in the comments. I’ll link this post on the right menubar for quick viewing.


Will Smith43DESaints$11,550,000Missed all of 2013 due to injury....no place for him in New Orleans next season
Sam BradfordQBRams$10,420,000Injury prone disappointing pick will be asked to renegotiate contract or be cut
Champ BaileyCBBroncos$10,000,000Legendary CB hasn't been healthy all season and about to turn 36...Broncos will likely first give option of retirment but its hard to see him back at this salary
Julius Peppers43DEBears$9,816,665One of the most overpriced players in the NFL...Bears prepared to move on
Antonio CromartieCBJets$9,500,000Play has fallen off significantly in 2013...Salary no longer in line with play or cornerback market...Could return on minimum salary deal, but not worth much more
Mark SanchezQBJets$8,300,000Injured in preseason, but Jets were looking for reasons not to start him...QB problems for team could make them keep him through camp to compete for job...Incentive laden restructure possible
Santonio HolmesWRJets$8,250,000Jets have wanted to release him since end of 2011 season...hurt for most of last two seasons...locker room cancer
Troy PolamaluSSteelers$8,250,000Former great no longer effective...undisciplined and instincts/athleticism no longer cover for it....Steelers salary cap in bad shape
Vince WilforkDTPatriots$8,000,00032 year old DT suffered Achilles injury that ended his season...Run stuffers ability doesn't justify $11.6 mil cap number...Could see being released and then offered another deal if another team won't bite
Chris Clemons43DESeahawks$7,500,000Designed to be a one year deal its not likely the situational pass rusher makes his return
Sidney RiceWRSeahawks$7,300,000Disappointing receiver never lived up to one year stats as a Viking...could look to give him major paycut
Antrell RolleSGiants$7,250,000Hard for a rebuilding team to consider holding on to high priced veteran leader...if open to reduced salary he could be back
Chris SneeGGiants$7,250,000Go to guy for Giants restructures is probably at the end of his career following injuries
Ike TaylorCBSteelers$7,000,000Soon to be 34 year old could be salary cap casulty...Could instead work out 2 to 3 year extension to lower cap costs
DeMeco RyansILBEagles$6,900,000Trade for former star LB never worked out...time to move on
David StewartRTTitans$6,400,000Titans already have great deal commited to line and have to decide to extend or cut....PFF rated as poor run blocker
Levi BrownLTSteelers$6,250,000Traded for a prayer that he didn't answer as he got injured in warmups...might not be in the NFL in 2014...always hurt
Jason Babin43DEJaguars$6,175,000Pass rusher has not been a difference maker...could declare himself a free agent to leave town
Chris JohnsonRBTitans$6,000,000Never lived up to contract and early career success...lowest YPC of career and carries $8 million salary...should have been cut last year
Davin JosephGBuccaneers$6,000,000Team has too much money invested in Guards and Joseph has been ineffective all year
Paul PoslusznyILBJaguars$5,500,000Paid high level salary ($7.5 million) with minimal results...bad signing has no place on newly rebuilt team
Marcedes LewisTEJaguas$5,450,000One of worst contract signings of last few years...One year wonder with almost no production thereafter
Dimitri PattersonCBDolphins$5,400,000Been injured most of 2013...Lower cost player would provide similar contribution
Asante SamuelCBFalcons$5,250,000Will likely earn $2 million escalator to make cap savings $7.25 million....too much money and potential bonuses to keep...cut players like this before
Carlos RogersCB49ers$5,105,468With the 49ers salary cap getting tight Rogers will be a logical candidate to release
David HarrisLBJets$5,000,000May have escalated salary in 14...If no escalation more likely for reasonable extension than cut
Roddy WhiteWRFalcons$5,000,000Should earn at least added $3 million escalator...ineffective and injured in 2013...team indicated desire to extend but if he refuses he will likely be cut
Zach MillerTESeahawks$5,000,00030 reception a year player on a 60 reception a year salary
Chad Greenway43OLBVikings$4,800,000High salary and limited effectiveness are usually the perfect marriage for being cut in the offseason
Jeromey ClaryRTChargers$4,550,000One of worst run blocking tackles in NFL...Chargers very tight on 14 cap
Owen DanielsTETexans$4,500,00032 year old should be casulty of rebuild effort and tight salary cap...spent significant time on injured list
Daniel ManningSTexans$4,500,000Older player coming off injury...Texans probably don't have luxury of carrying salary
Eddie RoyalWRChargers$4,500,000Tough decision to determine if he justifies salary...impact plays in 13 but none prior two years
Greg TolerCBColts$4,166,666Missed time due to injuries...overpaid compared to secondary market...could wait until after draft to make decision
Matt MooreQBDolphins$4,000,000High paid backup could be expendable as Tannehill matures...Low cost for starter does make it feasible to keep but may want to cycle money elsewhere
Matt SchaubQBTexans$4,000,000Benched following what seemed to be mental breakdowns on field...Never lived up to contract and likely goes if coach is fired...June 1 designation possible
Letroy GuionDTVikings$4,000,000No need for a part time player at this salary on a team ready to rebuild the roster
Cortland FinneganCBRams$4,000,000One of 5 worst contracts in NFL...Rams owe him $3 million parting gift but keeping him costs additional $6 million of wasted money
Harvey DahlGRams$4,000,000Rams felt cap charge was too high last year and nothing should have changed that opinion...restructure designed to facilitate quick release before $2 million roster bonus is paid
Uche NwaneriGJaguars$3,705,500Jaguars possess one of the worst offensive lines in the NFL, no need to sink more money into unproductive units
Matt CasselQBVikings$3,700,000Cassel can void his contract but he'll be released if he fails to do so
Dwight Freeney34OLBChargers$3,500,000After quick trip to IR, Chargers will have to consider If there is any upside to 34 year old rusher
Osi Umenyiora43DEFalcons$3,500,000Another Falcon with an escalator...hasn't been impactful defender and will be 33...didn't hesitate to release John Abraham last year under similar circumstances
Adam Carriker34DERedskins$3,333,333Always injured player due $2 million bonus...should be cut the first day he can be released
Dunta RobinsonCBChiefs$3,300,000One of few weak links on Chiefs D...limited role for over $3 million salary...likely finished
Jason AvantWREagles$3,250,000Future depends on decisions on Riley Cooper and/or Jeremy Maclin...$1 mil roster bonus due 5th day of LY
Jermaine GreshamTEBengals$3,110,750Bengals kept him to get something out of draft pick...nothing there and no position to play
Kevin KolbQBBills$3,100,000Kolb suffered a concussion during the Preseason and its likely a career ender...Could qualify for injury protection is released which seems to be a formality at this point.
Cary WilliamsCBEagles$3,083,332Disappointing cornerback does little positive for defense...future may hinge on draft
Dan ConnollyGPatriots$3,000,000Given up a tremendous amount of pressures on Tom Brady this season...Likely candidate to be replaced
Jacob TammeTEBroncos$3,000,000Has no real role on team with emergence of Julius Thomas
Thomas DeCoudSFalcons$3,000,000First year with a high cap charge...likely too rich for level of play
Isaac SopoagaDTPatriots$2,750,000Acquired by trade during season to cope with injury...fate hinges on moves with Wilfork and Kelly...$1 mil salary guarantee gives him more leeway than others
Lance MooreWRSaints$2,531,250Moore has struggled with injuries and hasn't found a place in the offense....Saints cap problems and QB efficiency will make him expendable
Tommy KellyDTPatriots$2,500,000Only played in 5 games due to injury...Could look to restructure if they want to keep him
Benjarvus Green EllisRBBengals$2,500,000Lost carries to Giovanni Bernard...Too expensive as a caddy
Joel DreesenTEBroncos$2,500,000Has no real role on team with emergence of Julius Thomas
Le'Ron McClainFBChargers$2,500,000Effective player but has no role in offense...only in for 12% of plays
Earl BennettWRBears$2,450,000Unproductive WR had to restructure to make stay in 2013,,,that option wont exist next year
Jason CampbellQBBrowns$2,250,000Veteran QB cant shake injury bug...lower cost alternatives to backup
Jason Jones43DELions$2,016,666Injured most of 13...Lions no longer need line help especially considering tight salary cap
John CarlsonTEVikings$2,000,000A bad contract since day one the Vikings can finally cut ties and save a $4 million cash salary
Stephen Nicolas43OLBFalcons$2,000,000Been relegated to a part time player when used
Jasper BrinkleyILBCardinals$2,000,000Cap space is more valuable than contribution of replacement level player
James CaseyFBEagles$1,985,000Eagles never found a role for Casey on the team
AJ HawkILBPackers$1,900,000Packers usually limit dead money on books but have to realize Hawk is ineffective and its time to cut bait
Michael BushRBBears$1,850,000Almost a useless player at this point of his career...averages just 1.6 yard per carry and ineffective in short yardage situations
Steven JacksonRBFalcons$1,833,332Jackson posting career lows across the board...looks finished
Mathias Kiwanuka43OLBGiants$1,800,000Has failed to deliver impact plays...must decide if one more chance is warrented
David BaasCGiants$1,775,000Been a poor pickup since day 1...spent most of 2013 injured
Vonta LeachFBRavens$1,750,000Ravens running game is terrible with or w/o fullback ...Only plays 20% of snaps
Derek CoxCBChargers$1,650,000Benched in multiple games...one of worst signings in 2013
Brad SmithWREagles$1,575,000Late season pickup expected to bolster kick return game...decision depends on performance over last few weeks
Shonn GreeneRBTitans$1,566,666Been injured in 2013...Not short yardage player that Titans expected
Phil CostaGCowboys$1,500,000Cap strapped Cowboys cant afford to keep rarely used lineman
Jermey ParnellRTCowboys$1,500,000Cowboys cant justify this salary on a backup with their cap problems
Jonathan BaldwinWR49ers$1,404,765Only reason for trade was so they could have a releasable salary in 14...no fit in the offense
James Harrison43OLBBengals$1,403,125Could consider keeping as cap not a concern...limited use on the field
Moise FokouILBTitans$1,400,000Status depends on if he accepts role as backup player again...definition of expendable stopgap player
Mark IngramRBSaints$1,386,375Ingram showed signs of life this year but with a number of runners on the team and cap problems ahead he could be cut
Donnie AveryWRChiefs$1,350,000Hasn't been very productive but neither has been Chiefs offense...look at draft before release becomes high probability
Jerome FeltonFBVikings$1,333,332Due $2 million salary for about 35% playtime...future could hinge on Adrian Peterson returning or being traded
Mike GoodsonRBJets$1,316,666Major off the field problems could lead to jail time...Spent most of year injured or suspended...Likely only made team so team could recover bobus money if jailed
Brodrick BunkleyDTSaints$1,275,000Effective part time player but cant justify a $6.1 million cap charge...could be a June 1 cut if they can wait for cap relief
Larry FooteILBSteelers$1,166,66634 years old coming off injury likely expendable for teams needing to get younger...coule reduce $1.5 mil salary slightly to keep
Kyle WilsonCBJets$1,165,000P5 should accelerate to $3.15M making savings over $3 million...failed 1st round pick...poor instincts at position
Ryan WilliamsRBCardinals$1,057,832Early career injuries seem to have ended career...Cardinals show no inclination to use him
Kyle OrtonQBCowboys$995,000Savings are minimal but Dallas may need the cap room in 14
Kaluka MaiavaILBRaiders$956,6661.535 million salary too much for part time player
Miles AustinWRCowboys$393,800Worst WR signing in the NFL since Roy Williams...restructuring of contract makes him a June 1 only candidate...will open $5.5 mil for rookies post June 1
Blaine GabbertQBJaguas$0Team should give up on player...money owed if cut but deal contains offsets and it may be time to just move on
Brandon WeedenQBBrowns$-1,999,745Browns owe money if cut, but hes a bust...will try to trade but if no takers should cut, likely after June 1


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  • Michael Goetze

    Paul Posluszny: “Paid high level salary ($7.5 million) with minimal results…bad signing has no place on newly rebuilt team”

    I don’t know what kind of results you expect from a linebacker but I’ve seen his play praised as among the top 5 ILBs in the NFL (yes, this season). And he’s old so could accompany them through the rebuild process.

    Besides, isn’t there a minimum amount teams have to spend on salaries? Who else are the Jags going to spend money on?

    • http://www.nyjetscap.com/ Jason Fitzgerald

      There is a minimum but no real penalty if you dont get there. Jaguars should look to go younger and would actually pay more via bonuses to younger players

      • Daniel

        Pozlusny is on his 2nd NFL contract and y’all are calling him “OLD” lol what is he like 27? 28? And you already signed a guy to a contract and he’s 2nd in the league in tackles, I personally guarantee he won’t be cut

  • Ghoston

    There is no minimum anymore. They have to spend 89% cash to cap. That is pretty easy to do.

  • Ox

    Great article Jason,

    For Wilfork, do you think he’d be cut/restructred even without the injury (salary increase, skill base)? Feel bad for that guy,

    • http://www.nyjetscap.com/ Jason Fitzgerald

      Yes he’d be in the same position with or without injury, but the injury makes his leverage much lower in trying to get a new deal.

  • Ghoston

    Wilfork is in his last yr of his deal and has no guarantees coming to him in 2014. So it’s either an extension lol, traded no one will take that base pay, released, or pay cut. Or released and test the market and sign back with the pats.

    I am sure they have some agreement at a 1 year 3 mil deal. If he can play again have to see how the rehab is going.

  • Michael Goetze

    I’m sure the Patriots will “offer” Big Vince a paycut, but after the bustle about his extension in 2009-2010, I have my doubts about his willingness to accept.

  • http://www.scardraft.com/ Scott Carasik

    disagree on DeCoud. still young for a S and one bad year doesn’t make his pro bowl year disappear.

    • http://www.nyjetscap.com/ Jason Fitzgerald

      His deal was kind of designed to push for a cut in 2014. My guess is they would consider him if there were other areas in FA that they wanted to spend the money on. Between he and Moore than have a pretty high investment at Safety.

      • http://www.scardraft.com/ Scott Carasik

        it’s still smaller than average for a starting level FS in the NFL. 4.2M isn’t a bad cap hit at all. and the Falcons are in line to be around 30M under if they cut Samuel, Osi, and Nicholas (post June 2) by my calcs.

        • Ghoston

          You can only designate 2 players as June 1st cuts unless you keep them til June 1st.

          • http://www.scardraft.com/ Scott Carasik

            I know this. I was saying have Nicholas designated as a post June 1st cut. The other two are in the last year of their contract and wouldn’t need it.

    • Nicolo De Bari

      One good year out of 5 doesn’t ensure a roster spot either. He was an alternate Pro Bowler. If you saw film on him from last year I think you would think about taking back your statement. To say he regressed is an understatement. Horrible tacking, took bad angles almost all the time and you could tell on numerous plays he was hesitate to make contact. The man plays football for Pete’s sake. Definitely not worth the, is it $4.8M, he’s making. No way.

  • Steeeve

    I agree that Chris Clemons may be cut, but I really wouldn’t classify him as a “situational pass rusher”. That’s really doing him a great disservice. He played in 87% of the defensive snaps in 2012. His playing time has diminished this year coming off an injury and with improved depth, but he still has played in 51% of snaps in a heavy rotation where the d-line leader has only 56%.

    • Nicolo De Bari

      I’m not trying to be rude but you don’t consider playing 51% of the snaps as being situational?

  • Troy Chapman

    Pretty accurate on my Texans. Just not sure cutting Manning will be done, not much depth there. Cutting Daniels and Shaub is a no-brainer.

    On a side note, Rams own the Redskins first round pick in 2014…which could be a Top 3 pick. They could release Bradford, save $10+m and draft another QB on the rookie wage scale.

  • Bryan Anderson

    You are not giving Zach Miller credit for all he brings to the team. His blocking is worth far more than the 30 additional receptions you claim he’s being paid for.

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  • sandbun

    I’d be pretty surprised to see Felton get cut – he really ups Peterson’s value. On the other hand, if Ponder isn’t cut Winter Park might be burned down by angry fans.

  • fiscalconsoclib

    How is Demarcus Ware not on here? Would save over 7 million for a team that probably has the worst cap situation going into 2014.

    • Nicolo De Bari

      Romo’s contract needs to be restructured.

  • fishbofry

    DeMeco Ryans didn’t work out? Major factor in Eagles renaissance!!

    • Giorgos Kassakos

      I can’t tell where this guy got that line from…Ryans has been good if not great for Philadelphia!

  • Daniel

    Just curious if most of the guys you put on here were just to fill space, you said Pozlusny as a possible cut, you know the guy was 2nd in the league in tackles with basically 2 games missed?

    • Daniel

      5 million a year is a small price to pay for an anchor in the center of your defense, he’s not a great 1 on 1 defender with RB’s but he’s solid, and buying into Gus Bradley’s scheme

    • Nicolo De Bari

      Yea, I don’t believe that one either. I think the Bills should have stuck with him but their loss is a Jags gain I guess.

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  • Ron Morisseau

    Minimal results? 161 tackles,3 sacks,9 passes defended,2 interceptions,1 forced fumble,1 td
    Imbecilic reporting

    Paul PoslusznyILBJaguars$5,500,000Paid high level salary ($7.5 million) with minimal results…bad signing has no place on newly rebuilt team

    • Mike_Trail

      Yeah, that was one where I was like: WHAT??!?!

  • Ron Morisseau

    Sounds like you hate linebackers Packers usually limit dead money on books but have to realize Hawk is ineffective and its time to cut bait…AJ Hawk ineffective? 118 tackles,5 sacks, 1 int,and 1 forced fumble …good lord you’re clueless

  • Mike_Trail

    Awesome, Thanks for Posting!

  • Mike_Trail

    Although I disagree with more than a few assessments, its still a useful tool to look at.

  • Jacapo Evony

    man, i love this site. saves me hours, maybe days and weeks not having to track this stuff down.

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