Podcast: Desean Jackson, Sanchez, Best & Worst Signings and More

In this weeks OTC podcast we go over the release of Mark Sanchez, the potential issues in trading/signing DeSean Jackson, the best and worst free agent signings, salary cap carryover, recently signed contracts for Melton, Lewis, Thomas, Edelman, and more


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  • Harold

    Vick basically has two seasons as a 60% passer. So he has developed as a passer. He is not a top tier passer but he has gotten better.

    • http://www.nyjetscap.com/ Jason Fitzgerald

      The last time Vick hit 60% was 2010. The closest he ever was to 60 before and after was 2011 at 59.8%. Last year he was at 55% and the year before 58%. Considering how much easier things are now than when he broke in Id say hes right around where he was by his 2nd year in Atlanta

      • Harold

        Jason, while I agree the NFL is an easier league to have success passing the ball, your statement only holds merit if you are holding every QB to the same standard. Vick has improved. I don’t believe he is a top tier QB and preferred a Jason Campbell or Shaun Hill as a back-up. However I still think he is a better passer than his 2nd year in Atlanta

      • GhostofBrowningNagle

        have any of the advanced analysts determined how important marginal completion percentage is? Assuming 550 PA per season, the difference between 55% completions and 60% completions is under 2 more completions per game.

  • Tim Woods

    Good analysis of D-Jax overall. But I do think he would fit well on the Jets. That way Decker could go back to 2nd on the depth chart, where he’s productive.

    And they wouldn’t necessarily have to draft a WR with the 18th overall pick. Instead they could draft “Best Player Available” instead of need.

  • AeroDave

    I generally enjoy the content of these podcasts, but the production quality is fairly unnerving and a huge turn-off. Can you please not eat or drink anything while relatively close to the microphone? Also, if you would plan the show out a little bit more by knowing exactly what topics you want to discuss and which e-mails you want to read, you might be able to prepare whatever information you need to have ahead of time so there is much less down time and more smooth transitions. Alternatively, you could just edit out the pauses, though I’m sure that’s much more tedious.

    • http://www.nyjetscap.com/ Jason Fitzgerald

      Will take that all into account…

    • mike jones

      he might spend all of 7 seconds looking up a contract he wants to compare. I won’t quibble with the other thing.