The Players Who Will Be Cut in the Coming Days

Release season is officially upon us. In the past couple of weeks, teams have begun cutting players in preparation for the 2014 season.  In some cases these moves are made out of necessity (all teams must be under the cap by the start of the league year on March 11th).  In other cases, teams are simply making smart football decisions in order to create cap space before the start of free agency (which also begins on March 11th). In the next two weeks, many more guys will be cut loose.  Below, I break down who will be the next to go…



NameTeam2014 Cap NumberDead MoneyCap Savings
Mark SanchezNYJ$13,100,000$4,800,000$8,300,000
Antonio CromartieNYJ$14,980,000$5,480,000$9,500,000
Santonio HolmesNYJ$10,750,000$2,500,000$8,250,000
Julius PeppersCHI$18,183,333$8,366,668$9,816,665
Miles AustinDAL$8,249,400$7,855,600$393,800

While it’s possible that a player on this list ends up playing for their listed team at the start of 2014, it’s virtually impossible that any of them will be doing so under their current cap number.  And I’m not talking about a simple restructure—these guys will all be cut unless they’re willing to take a pay cut (if they’re even given that option). Note: Notice that Miles Austin will only generate $393,800 in cap savings. But due to Dallas’ awful cap situation and Austin’s lack of production the past few seasons, he’s still a virtual lock to be cut.  The Cowboys will likely designate him as a June 1st cut, and his increased cap savings will be used to help Dallas sign their rookie class.    




NameTeam2014 Cap NumberDead MoneyCap Savings
Matt SchaubHOU$14,125,000$10,500,000$3,625,000
Chris JohnsonTEN$10,000,000$4,000,000$6,000,000
DeMarcus WareDAL$16,007,503$8,571,500$7,432,250
Levi BrownPIT$6,250,000$0$6,250,000
Carlos RogersSF$8,094,531$2,989,063$5,105,468
Jason AvantPHI$3,960,000$710,000$3,250,000
Dimitri PattersonMIA$5,400,000$0$5,400,000
Kevin KolbBUF$3,600,000$500,000$3,100,000
Adam CarrikerWAS$6,510,416$3,520,834$2,989,582
Chris ClemonsSEA$9,666,668$2,166,668$7,500,000
Zach MillerSEA$7,000,000$2,000,000$5,000,000
Osi UmenyioraATL$4,750,000$1,250,000$3,500,000
Cortland FinneganSTL$10,000,000$6,000,000$4,000,000
Chris SneeNYG$11,300,000$4,500,000$6,800,000

Most guys on this list (and possibly even all of them) will be with a new team at the start of 2014.  Some of them (like Chris Snee & DeMarcus Ware) may agree to pay cuts in order to stay with their respective teams. But in each of case here, it’s highly unlikely that a player will play the 2014 season under his current cap number. Note: I listed Matt Schaub here as opposed to the first section because of the catastrophic dead money hit he’d cost Houston.  However, they’ll almost certainly cut him loose (probably with a June 1st designation).    



50/50 (OR BETTER)

NameTeam2014 Cap NumberDead MoneyCap Savings
Troy PolamaluPIT$10,887,500$2,637,500$8,250,000
Heath MillerPIT$9,466,500$3,446,500$6,020,000
Earl BennettCHI$2,450,000$0$2,450,000
Letroy GuionMIN$4,300,000$300,000$4,000,000
DeMeco RyansPHI$6,900,000$0$6,900,000
Brent CelekPHI$4,075,000$0$4,075,000
Tramon WilliamsGB$9,500,000$2,000,000$7,500,000
Eddie RoyalSD$6,000,000$1,500,000$4,500,000

With these guys, it’s at least a possibility that they’ll play with their current teams under their current 2014 cap number. But given the cap situation of each player/teams listed here, cutting the guys on this list or renegotiating their deals would be the smart move. 

Andrew Cohen


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  • NW86

    Nice article. I agree that something needs to happen with most of these players, but I do think a lot of them will take pay cuts to stay with their current teams (Sanchez, Austin, Ware, and others will realize that they’re not likely to get more from another team).
    As a Steelers fan I was surprised by a few players on the list. First, I would put Levi Brown on the “As Good As Gone” list. Also, I wouldn’t put Polamalu or Miller on this list at all. They may both receive short extensions in order to lower their 2014 cap hits a little, but I don’t see them being released. Instead, I would put Ike Taylor and LaMarr Woodley on the “50/50″ list – I think they will both need to either take a pay cut or be released.

  • Rijker

    I’d put Thomas DeCoud AT A MINIMUM in the 50/50 category.

    $4.8 million cap hit, $1.8 million dead money, $3.0 million cap savings.

    He actually makes more sense than Osi for Atlanta because of our dire needs on both lines.

    • Andrew Cohen

      yes i could have threw him in that category, but feel ATL will try and make a play for michael johnson or maybe even trade up for clowney

      • Rijker

        Fair enough; I’d be fine with either scenario.
        Great article by the way.

        • Andrew Cohen

          thank you, looks like decoud will be cut (according to reports). wouldnt be surprised if osi is released as well

  • Sean Stott

    Only guy I can’t agree with is Brent Celek.

    • Andrew Cohen

      celek may not get cut, but i personally think he should. will save PHI legitimate cap dollars (w/ no dead money), and he’sreplaceable in chip kellys offense

      • Sean Stott

        IDK this was one of his better years. I was all for getting rid of him before 2013 season, but he changed my mind. James Casey… he’s the TE that needs to go.

      • ICDogg

        I think he stays and he starts. With Avant gone, Ertz is playing more in his place. Casey probably gone.

  • Ligo

    What about Pierre Thomas for the 50/50? Doesn’t he make more than Ingram Robinson together and they’re improving.

    • Andrew Cohen

      guess that is possible, but not sure if the saints truly trust ingram as feature back

  • Chris H.

    No mention of Jeromey Clary from SD? One of the worst Guards this season, and would save them 4.5 million.

  • Hendoz

    I think Colts center Samson Satele could have made the 50/50 list or even the Probably club.

  • seenable

    Is Heath Miller really on the chopping block? For some reason I can’t see him playing somewhere else this season. Wouldn’t he take a pay cut first?

    • ionjohnny

      he probably will, which is why he’s on the list. you don’t take a pay cut unless you’re on the chopping block.

  • D’Rick

    Letroy Guion

  • Anders

    Why would the Eagles cut Celek? Why not Casey who was much less productive?

    Also no mention of Patrick “I can only hit my own teammates” Chung? He is 99% going to get cut

  • Ian Lozada

    Surprised not to see Sidney Rice on the Good As Gone (or any) list. Zach Miller is no more than a 50/50, especially in light of the possibility of a high cap ceiling. The Seahawks love his blocking ability, and it outweighs the receiving production. There’s a better chance of Red Bryant leaving than Miller.

    • ionjohnny

      Both Red and Sidney are basically cut. just hasn’t been announced.

  • rich

    I wish somebody would get the memo to Jerry Reese regarding Snee. If he’s healthy, and that’s a big “if”, I’d cut him and resign for maybe 2 mill tops.