Ronnie Stanley


Age: 23 Height: 6′ 6″ Weight: 312
College: Notre Dame Accrued Seasons: 1
League Entry: 2016 NFL Draft, Round 1, Pick 6 (Ravens)
Ronnie Stanley signed a four year. $20,484,332 contract with the Ravens. Stanley received a $13,907,696 signing bonus and the contract is fully guaranteed.

Contract Details

Total Value: $20,484,332 (avg. $5,121,083/year; $20,484,332 fully guaranteed)
23rd highest of 81 LT contracts
YearBase Salary (Guaranteed)BonusesCap
Dead Money & Cap Savings
2016$450,000 $450,000$3,274,424$0$0$0$3,724,424
2017$1,381,106 $1,381,106$3,274,424$0$0$0$4,655,530
2018$2,312,212 $2,312,212$3,274,424$0$0$0$5,586,636
2019$3,243,318 $3,243,318$3,274,424$0$0$0$6,517,742
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