Thoughts on Cameron Wake’s Extension

Late last week the Dolphins signed Cameron Wake to a new contract that would add an additional season onto his existing contract.  While I hadn’t really had a chance to look much into it until tonight my gut feeling was that it just sounded like a strange deal, which was originally reported as two new years for $14 million and $10 million in guarantees.  When you consider that you have a player who will be 34 years old and is coming off an Achilles injury normally you would expect the player to get squeezed by the team not extended. Looking at the numbers, though, it may not be as odd as I originally had thought. Continue reading Thoughts on Cameron Wake’s Extension »

Thoughts on Glenn and Armstead Big Money Contracts

We are in extension season right now as teams try to hammer out new contracts before heading on vacation before training camp and we had two monster ones this week with Terron Armstead and Cordy Glenn signing for $13 and $12 million a year respectively. While both players are entrenched starters neither has made a Pro Bowl and I’m not sure if opinion around the NFL placed them at the top of the position (PFF does with Armstead who ranked 3rd last year while Glenn was 10th) yet their salaries reflect that. It was a bit surprising since similar talent players in Russell Okung and Kelvin Beachum were not able to reach the same plateaus as free agents even in their option pickups. So let’s see how these deals stack up with the rest of the market. Continue reading Thoughts on Glenn and Armstead Big Money Contracts »

Jordan Reed Signs $50 million Extension with Redskins

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Redskins have signed tight end Jordan Reed to a 5 year, $50 million contract extension. If that is indeed the base value of the contract and not an incentivized amount, Reed will now become tied with Jimmy Graham for highest paid tight end in the NFL with a $10 million per year average and a significantly higher number than the recent extensions for the Travis Kelce’s and Zach Ertz’ of the world who came in around $9 million a season.  Continue reading Jordan Reed Signs $50 million Extension with Redskins »

Bills Extend Cordy Glenn

With the draft over many teams will now turn their attention to extending their players currently under contract for the year and the Bills were the first to strike with a big 5 year, $65 million contract which will make him the second highest paid left tackle in the NFL. Glenn was already a franchise player set to earn $13.7 million and his cap number will likely be reduced with the extension. According to PFT, the contract will pay him a whopping $19 million this year and $30 million by 2017 which will track just behind position leader Trent Williams while besting the contract of Lane Johnson, signed earlier this offseason. $26.5 million is fully guaranteed on signing. Continue reading Bills Extend Cordy Glenn »

5th Year Option Deadline for 2013 NFL Draft Class

oToday is the deadline for picking up a 5th year option for the 2013 NFL first round draft picks. A team that exercises the option will control the rights for a player for an additional season. The salary is based on position on whether or not you are drafted in the top 10. Players in the top 10 receive a contract equal to the Transition tag while those outside the top 10 receive a one year contract for an average of the 3rd through 25th highest salaries. Once picked up the option is guaranteed for injury only and becomes fully guaranteed on the first day of the 2017 League Year. Here are some thoughts on todays decisions. Continue reading 5th Year Option Deadline for 2013 NFL Draft Class »

All About Rookie Contracts and the NFL Draft

Every year around draft time I get a number of questions on rookie salaries, how the rookie salary cap works, and other ins and outs of the rookie contract. So to tackle many of the questions here is a FAQ style overview on rookie contracts that will hopefully answer your questions and clear up any confusion on the way the contracts work. In case you don’t know it we also have a draft resource page which lists all our contract projections for the 2016 rookie class. If you click on your team all their picks will highlight and you can hover over each pick to get a full year by year estimate of the contract. Continue reading All About Rookie Contracts and the NFL Draft »

Thoughts on Josh Normans $75 Million Contract

It did not take long for Josh Norman to find a new home and shockingly he was able to garner what is arguably the best contract for a cornerback in the entire NFL. The $75 million contract with a $51 million payout in the first three years is a stunning number for a player who will be 29 years old and has made one Pro Bowl in his four year career. It is a contract that likely brings back memories of the massive Albert Haynesworth deal Washington signed years ago which will go down as one of the worst moves in NFL history. Washington has been more conservative in recent years with their contracts, but this is a pretty aggressive move that the team feels it needs to push it over the top after their playoff run. Rich Tandler has the full details of the contract and that will allow us to look at it in more depth. Continue reading Thoughts on Josh Normans $75 Million Contract »