Thoughts on Browns Trade for Osweiler

Its been a big two days of free agency and there are plenty of things to discuss, but I wanted to take a little chance today to talk about the very surprising Browns trade for Brock Osweiler. Im a bit late to the party on this one but with the volume of contracts coming in I haven’t had the time to really talk much about the news, but this was the one I found the most interesting. This was something I had spoken about on the podcast a bit and answered in some Twitter Q&A that the only way to move his salary was to give up a draft pick (I assumed a 1 at the time) but doubted anyone would seriously do that. So I was surprised as anyone to see the Browns agree to basically acquire a 3rd rounder for taking on a bad contract. Now they supposedly would like to pay some of his salary and flip him for another draft choice, which I think also seems unlikely, but you never know. So let’s explore the concepts behind this trade. Continue reading Thoughts on Browns Trade for Osweiler »

Patriots to Trade for Dwayne Allen

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Patriots have agreed to trade for Colts tight end Dwayne Allen. Allen is just one year removed from signing a stunning $29 million contract extension with the Colts after posting a 109 yard season in 2015.  Not surprisingly Allen did not improve greatly after signing the contract and he pretty much lost his role to Jack Doyle. Doyle signed an extension yesterday which more or less made Allen completely expendable. Continue reading Patriots to Trade for Dwayne Allen »

Examining the Proven Performance Escalator

The eve of free agency carries with it the promise of new fortune. When the annual spending spree launches in earnest tomorrow, it will bring life-changing pay raises to dozens of younger players. A number of other fourth-year players, meanwhile, will enjoy more modest pay increases in the coming season due to an aspect of the collective bargaining agreement called the Proven Performance Escalator.

Continue reading Examining the Proven Performance Escalator »

49ers to Cut Torrey Smith

Per Steve Smith, the 49ers will be releasing receiver Torrey Smith, creating about $4.7 million in cap room and saving themselves $8 million in salary commitments for the year. Smith was the 49ers prized free agent signing in 2015, but he never took off in the offense catching just 53 passes for 930 yards in two years. The 49ers were reportedly shopping Smith last year at the trade deadline but were supposedly looking for a high draft pick which never made sense if it was true and looks worse now that they will release him for nothing. Continue reading 49ers to Cut Torrey Smith »

Thoughts on the Franchise Tag

I wanted to share some thoughts today on the franchise tag and the use of the tag around the NFL. There are a number of reasons for a team to use a franchise tag on a player that are beneficial but at the same time it’s not always all bad for the player. Teams can get caught up in various contract metrics just as easily as agents and sometimes lose sight of the big picture and what things can cost in the long term when deals are not made.  Continue reading Thoughts on the Franchise Tag »