Vikings Decline Option on Adrian Peterson

In the comes as no surprise category the Vikings will not pick up an $18 million option on star running back Adrian Peterson, making him a free agent in 2017. Peterson, who is a hall of fame running back, missed 13 games last season with an injury and only ran for 1.9 yards per carry. He will be 32 this year but carries enough name value to where a market should develop for him. Continue reading Vikings Decline Option on Adrian Peterson »

Breaking Down the Contract Structure Tendencies and Styles of Each Team – NFC North

This new series will go through each division and look at how each NFL team tends to structure and negotiate their contracts. This is particularly relevant as we near free agency, and fans can begin to understand the general approach that their team will take to the marketplace come March. We start with the NFC North.

Chicago Bears

GM: Ryan Pace (early 2015)
Director of Football Administration: Joey Laine (mid 2015)

The Bears brought GM Ryan Pace and head cap exec Joey Laine into the building together in 2015. They are one of the youngest front office duos in the league, and this new leadership in Chicago makes it difficult to pinpoint their current cap strategy, but there are certainly some early tendencies.

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Panther Sign Addison for 3 Years at $22.5 Million

The Carolina Panthers kept one of their pending free agents when they signed DE Mario Addison to a new 3 year, $22.5 million extension.

The is the second deal in the last few days that I think reflects the expected inflation of the salary cap and need to spend significant money in the current year.  Continue reading Panther Sign Addison for 3 Years at $22.5 Million »

Russell Okung, Guarantees, and Contract Metrics

Today it was reported that the Broncos would not be picking up left tackle Russell Okung’s four year contract option. That comes as no surprise but it once again opened up the discussion about Okung’s decision to negotiate his own contract. For those who were highly critical of the contract this gave a good opportunity to come down hard on Okung which again leads to a number of statements on the contract that I don’t really agree with. So I thought since this is the kind of stuff we discuss here this was a good platform to discuss the contract. Continue reading Russell Okung, Guarantees, and Contract Metrics »

Thoughts on Darrelle Revis Future with the Jets

In one of the more surprising NFL stories, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was charged with four felonies stemming from an incident that occurred in Pittsburgh. At this point there are two different versions of the story from each side so nobody can say for certain whether Revis was in the wrong or not, but it has opened the question up about Revis’ contract with the Jets and how this incident may impact his future with the team. So lets just go over a few details with his contract and how these things may be handled.

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Breaking Down the PFF 101

Recently Pro Football Focus published their list of the top 101 players in the NFL and I thought it would be fun to break things down into financials and free agent status. While nobody is going to take the PFF list as gospel they do hard work when compiling their lists and grades and it makes for good debate. So lets look at how their picks stack up against the salaries that teams are valuing their players at or the draft rounds identified by the scouts in the NFL.

The average salary per year for the top 101 players was $8,102,400. The top 25 were slightly higher in compensation at $9,608,204 than the rest of the players who averaged $7,607,070. Still that doesn’t tell us too much about the composition of their top 100 players, so let’s break things down by contract status. Continue reading Breaking Down the PFF 101 »

Looking at the Colts Job Opening

After months of rumors about potential changes to the Colts front office they finally made the decision to part ways with GM Ryan Grigson but, for the moment, retain head coach Chuck Pagano. The move comes after back to back seasons in which the Colts finished 8-8 following a surprise appearance in the 2014 AFC Championship game in which they were routed by the Patriots. During that time the Colts had fallen behind the QB-less Texans in the pecking order of the AFC South and this year looked less promising than the Titans which may have also helped the move come along. Some have said that this could be the most attractive job in the game, so lets look at the Colts, Grigson’s job with them, and where their roster lies today. Continue reading Looking at the Colts Job Opening »