Fitzpatrick Signs $12 Million Contract with Jets

The final notable free agent remaining is finally off the market with the Jets agreeing to a one year, $12 million contract with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who will retake his spot as the starter with the Jets. This was a contract situation that dragged on for months seemingly for no reason. Fitzpatrick has, more or less, zero options by April besides returning to New York and the Jets had Geno Smith as their other option. Reportedly the Jets had been offering a $24 million contract over three years with $12 million guaranteed so it seems the compromise was to keep the guarantee the same but on just a one year contract. I would think this contract could have been signed by April but both sides dug in and it carried to the start of camp. Continue reading Fitzpatrick Signs $12 Million Contract with Jets »

The Chiefs, Eric Berry, and the Tag Decision

Arrowhead Pride had an interesting article today about Eric Berry and the reasons why the deal didn’t get done with the Chiefs. It was based on a comment by Mike Florio about the franchise tag values setting a market for players and in this case a disparity in valuation. I thought that made for an interesting topic to discuss and some of the mistakes that often get made in how we use annual values per year when assessing contracts. I’d also like to see if Berry is or is not making the right decision, if this was indeed the holdup. Continue reading The Chiefs, Eric Berry, and the Tag Decision »

Thoughts on Wilkersons new contract

I’m as stunned as anyone today that Muhammad Wilkerson signed an extension with the Jets. Of all the franchise players I felt he was the least likely of all to sign a new contract. After all these negotiations began over two years ago when John Idzik was the GM and it was hard to imagine after all that time a last ditch offer getting it done but somehow it did. We don’t have any firm numbers on the Wilkerson deal yet besides a report of a $15 million signing bonus and $37M two year total, but as a Jets fan I wanted to write about the contract anyway even with limited info. Continue reading Thoughts on Wilkersons new contract »

Rookies Need to Demand no Franchise Tag Designations

I was reading an article the other day over at PFT about Von Miller threatening to sit out the year rather than play on the franchise tag. While I have my own opinions on that scenario it did get me thinking again about the franchise tag and something Bryce and I had discussed off the cuff on a podcast a few weeks back (I touched on it this week too on the podcast). While we can all argue about the merits of the tag I think we all agree that it severely limits player movement. The tag backs star players into a corner because of health and age concerns and in turn that drives prices down across the NFL. Teams go wild in free agency for second tier players because the first tier is almost never available. The CBA is years away from being re-opened but I think it is time for more agents to begin to do their parts in trying to fix the problem now and start digging in their heels on these rookie contracts rather than quickly signing for the sake of getting a deal done.  Continue reading Rookies Need to Demand no Franchise Tag Designations »

Thoughts on Fletcher Cox’ Contract Extension

After a year of contentious contract discussions, the Eagles and their new front office has ended any problems between the Eagles and Fletcher Cox by signing Cox to a massive $102.6 million contract extension that contains over $60 million in injury guarantees. Based on a report by Pro Football Talk we can look at the contract in a bit more critical manner to see just how it ranks in a few different metrics compared to those of the other big defensive players. Continue reading Thoughts on Fletcher Cox’ Contract Extension »

Thoughts on Harrison Smith’s New Contract

The full details of Harrison Smith’s extension hit the internet today which gives us the ability to better evaluate the contract. Smith’s $10.25 million new money average per year, $28.578 million injury guarantee, and $32.25 million three year value are all high points among safeties under long term contract. So what were the tradeoffs and how strong is the contract?  Let’s inspect further.

Continue reading Thoughts on Harrison Smith’s New Contract »

Negotiating Better Contracts for the NFL Player

I saw today on Twitter a comment about Rob Gronkowski possibly being unhappy with his contract and just yesterday Reshad Jones of the Dolphins said he may sit out the year if the team doesn’t rework his contract. I thought that this might make a good time to bring up some of the things that Bryce and I have recently discussed on the podcast and that Bryce goes a bit more into detail about in his look at the misguided use on APY to value a contract and how to better look at a contract.

When contract issues like this come out many hardcore fans and media members are quick to support the player in the possible hold out. Usually a justification is that teams don’t honor contracts so why should the player. The problem with that argument is that the teams are negotiating the right to not honor the contract and player’s agree to that stipulation. In reality by holding out the player is the one not honoring the agreement while the team is doing what it is allowed to do.  This is not the fault of the team, it’s not the fault of the union, its really the fault of the player’s agent who is negotiating the contract. Continue reading Negotiating Better Contracts for the NFL Player »