Looking at the Cowboys Options with Tony Romo

As a follow up to the Sporting News piece I wrote I had received a number of questions going over the various options Dallas would have with Tony Romo and how they would impact their salary cap, so let’s play some of those scenarios out and look at what does and does not make sense for the team to consider. We’ll compare these to the baseline scenario of just releasing (or trading) Romo outright, which would leave Dallas with a $19.6 million cap charge in 2017. Continue reading Looking at the Cowboys Options with Tony Romo »

Is Andrew Lucks Contract to Blame for Colts Problems?

According to Pro Football Talk, Colts general manager Ryan Grigson made the rounds over the past few days and indicated that Andrew Luck’s record breaking contract has forced the Colts to “tighten up” and that it will take some time to be able to build up the defense.  Essentially Grigson is attempting to say that because the team has invested so much in the offense they can’t really do the same at other positions.  Perhaps Grigson is just trying to hit on a few talking points that the general media will buy into, but if he truly believes what he is saying then the Colts may have an even bigger problem on their hands. Continue reading Is Andrew Lucks Contract to Blame for Colts Problems? »

Saints and Drew Brees Agree to Contract

The Saints and Drew Brees had been negotiating since this offseason on the terms of a contract extension and per Ed Werder the two sides got in done just in time to ensure the Saints will be cap compliant for the upcoming season.

Though void years can cause a headache in the future the contract is nothing short of a coup for the Saints who will keep their star QB around for an added season on a very reasonable salary. Continue reading Saints and Drew Brees Agree to Contract »

The 2016 Sando/ESPN QB Tiers Project and QB Salaries

Mike Sando just released his 3rd annual QB Tiers project results over at ESPN and as usual we are here to piggyback off that and look at the rankings from a salary perspective. For those unfamiliar with Mike’s piece he basically asks a number of NFL executives and front office personnel to slot the starting quarterbacks into tiers. Mike then crunches the numbers and puts the results out (and probably gets a bunch of blame for a QB being too low from ESPN readers) It’s a great concept and one of my favorite articles of the year. We’ll break those tiers down now and see how the exec opinions match up with the NFL salaries. Continue reading The 2016 Sando/ESPN QB Tiers Project and QB Salaries »

49ers Extend Bowman?

In one of the odder moves I can recall the San Francisco 49ers have reportedly signed linebacker NaVorro Bowman to a four year. $44 million extension. Bowman is pretty much a lock to be an All Pro player each year and was already on a $9 million a year contract so the money isnt odd, but the fact that he had three years left under his current contract makes and extension come out as kind of strange. Rarely do teams open up contracts when there are so many years remaining. So Im really curious as to what they did here and why they did it but Ill just throw a few suggestions out since I find this pretty fascinating. Continue reading 49ers Extend Bowman? »

Fitzpatrick Signs $12 Million Contract with Jets

The final notable free agent remaining is finally off the market with the Jets agreeing to a one year, $12 million contract with quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, who will retake his spot as the starter with the Jets. This was a contract situation that dragged on for months seemingly for no reason. Fitzpatrick has, more or less, zero options by April besides returning to New York and the Jets had Geno Smith as their other option. Reportedly the Jets had been offering a $24 million contract over three years with $12 million guaranteed so it seems the compromise was to keep the guarantee the same but on just a one year contract. I would think this contract could have been signed by April but both sides dug in and it carried to the start of camp. Continue reading Fitzpatrick Signs $12 Million Contract with Jets »

The Chiefs, Eric Berry, and the Tag Decision

Arrowhead Pride had an interesting article today about Eric Berry and the reasons why the deal didn’t get done with the Chiefs. It was based on a comment by Mike Florio about the franchise tag values setting a market for players and in this case a disparity in valuation. I thought that made for an interesting topic to discuss and some of the mistakes that often get made in how we use annual values per year when assessing contracts. I’d also like to see if Berry is or is not making the right decision, if this was indeed the holdup. Continue reading The Chiefs, Eric Berry, and the Tag Decision »