Reviewing our Best And Worst Contracts of 2014


Well it took awhile to complete but we have successfully finished our Best and Worst Contract selections for 2014 and I thought it would be good to summarize the series.  For those who have not read this yet I guess it is worth pointing out a few ground rules. No rookie contracts are considered for the best or worst deal unless the team did something extraordinary in the negotiation.  Why?  Draft salaries are basically slotted so it’s not the benefit or fault of the team it’s simply the system.  Secondly you don’t have to be a bad player to … Read the rest

Best & Worst Contracts 2014: Seattle Seahawks


We finish our best and worst contract series with the Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks

Best Contract: Max Unger

Max unger

I know this is going to be a complete rehash of last year’s post on Seattle but there is really no reason to change anything with this selection. Max Unger is one of the top centers in the NFL and one of the reasons the Seahawks offensive line continues to be a strength for the team.

Seattle has a tendency to jump high on certain players either with high value contracts or favorable contract structures. Unger did not get that. Read the rest

Best & Worst Contracts 2014: Denver Broncos


We are now down to the final two in our best and worst contract series…

Best Contract: Terrance Knighton

Terrance Knighton

While the Broncos have their fair share of good contracts, I think the contract for  defensive tackle Terrance Knighton now really stands out as the best contract on the  team. Knighton had a terrific 2013 season, was arguably the second best player on  the defense, and became somewhat of a household name through the latter part of  the season.  He became one of the best bargains in the NFL.

The most logical comparison to Knighton was Sen’Derrick Marks. Both were … Read the rest

Best & Worst Contracts 2014: San Francisco 49ers


Examining the best and worst from the NFC runner up San Francisco 49ers

Best Contract: Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis

The 49ers are one of the more difficult teams to select the best deal on, not because there are so few, but because there are so many. For years San Francisco was the best run front office in the NFL and in many ways that continues to this day. The 49ers are always proactive with their contracts and with using salary cap space.

Last year I named Joe Staley as the best contracts on the team, but there were recently some changes … Read the rest

Best & Worst Contracts 2014: Arizona Cardinals


We continue our look at the best and worst veteran contracts on each team with the Arizona Cardinals

Best Contract: John Abraham

Only four players from the 2000 draft remain active in the NFL. Three of them—Tom Brady, Sebastian Janikowski, and Shane Lechler—play positions at which longevity for high performers is not unusual. The fourth, Abraham, has been a model of health on the back end of his career, playing in 110 of his teams’ last 112 regular season games at a more physically rigorous position.

Last off-season, Atlanta decided that despite coming off a ten-sack season, and despite … Read the rest

Best & Worst Contracts 2014: New England Patriots


We move to the Final Four with a familiar pair of selections for the New England Patriots

Best Contract: Sebastian Vollmer

Sebastian Vollmer

The choice for this came down to the contracts of Tom Brady and Sebastian Vollmer and I can easily understand why Brady would be considered a no brainer choice. Brady is grossly underpaid and has salary cap numbers that will allow the team to add talent (even another QB if needed) until he calls it quits. I had two reservations on the contract. One is the large guarantee that kicks in at the end of the 2014 season … Read the rest

Best & Worst Contracts 2014: San Diego Chargers

Starting off the week by catching up on the San Diego Chargers

Best Contract: Danny Woodhead

Like last season I had a difficult time coming up with someone on San Diego for best contract. Because of the way the team had been managed for years there is very little that really jumps out at you as a strong contract and in many ways the current regime has not had a chance to put a stamp on their salary cap structure, good or bad. Arguably the best contract on the team is that of Eric Weddle. He is the best safety … Read the rest