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Week 1 Thoughts and Notes

I’m going to try to share some of my notes from the weekend of watching football every week (at least most weeks) this season. These will typically just be thoughts I’ve had while watching games, so they won’t be too organized, but hopefully they can spur some thoughts for other writers to explore or just give you another perspective to think about when watching games. Some of these are objective concepts that could be addressed with analytics, while others are more subjective.


The Wolf Of Broad Street: The 3 Quarterback Strategy and Asset Trading

Last November, I spoke to a contact with the Eagles regarding the potential for a three quarterback strategy; up to that point in the season, it was clear to me that Sam Bradford was not someone they wanted to rely on as their quarterback of the future without another long-term option. It was a strategy I saw the 1989 Dallas Cowboys use when they selected Troy Aikman first overall in the draft and Steve Walsh in the first round of the supplemental draft. Rather than bet on one quarterback, they decreased the chance of being without a competent starter by acquiring two high potential guys.


#CBA2020: Replace The NFL Draft With An Auction

Saw Mike Silver from NFL Network and Sports Illustrated tweeting about the idea of abolishing the draft in a conversation about the Joey Bosa situation. My first reaction to this was that this could make teams have to pay more than the current draft positions dictate as they could be forced to pay closer to fair market value for a player. I decided to take some notes and explore that idea.


The Salary Cap in the NBA Finals

I haven’t watched basketball much over the last few years, but I have been watching the end of the Western Conference Finals and Game 1 of the NBA Finals, so I’ve been kind of looking at the game with fresh eyes after not following for about six to eight years. What I see in the Warriors roster construction reminds me of my time as a player my town’s travel basketball team playing against AAU basketball teams from New York City like Team Roc and the Gauchos. We had about seven or eight players who could play at a high level, so we’d compete with these rosters that were 10-12 players deep for a half, then they’d beat that ass in the second half and we’d lose by 30.


“What We Talkin’ About”: Process, Quality, and Percentages

This is the final draft of the first chapter of Caponomics: Moneyball Thinking for the NFL. We’re sending it out to publishers this week, but a) I’d love to share it with the Over The Cap audience as I’ve been unable to post much since March as I’ve been in the process of re-writing my first draft of Caponomics and b) I figured this would be an avenue to reach publishers I don’t have access to.

After about 16 months of researching the salary caps of Super Bowl champions, this chapter is an introduction to a book that is (my best attempt at) the process or the blueprint for how to build a successful NFL franchise. 


#ZMS8 Notes: Eagles 3 Quarterback Strategy

Last week, I released Episode #8 of The Zack Moore Show podcast and covered the Eagles 3 QB strategy after the trade for the #2 pick in the first round, which was actually something I’d brought up in my first draft of an Eagles chapter that I’m writing for Caponomics: Moneyball Thinking for the NFL. I see the Doug Pederson Era as an extension of the principles of the Andy Reid Era, which saw the Eagles make the NFC Championship five times in 14 seasons and average just better than 9-7 over the course of those seasons.


Caponomics Review: 1995 Cowboys

1995 Dallas Cowboys Review

Figure 1: Top 30 Cap Charges