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2018 Compensatory Picks Primer

Now that the league’s “legal tampering” period is open (and with it may come initial news of free agent contracts to be signed), it’s time to prepare followers of the compensatory pick system of what to expect for 2018.  Below the fold you can find a list of aspects to watch out for as free agency begins on Thursday, March 9 at 4 PM ET. (more…)

Introducing New Features At Over The Cap

With free agency only a few days away, OTC is preparing for the event by providing readers with new and updated content to help assist in furthering knowledge toward how NFL contracts and the salary cap operate.  Hop behind the fold to learn more. (more…)

2018 Compensatory Pick Potential

With the franchise and transition tag deadline having passed (and thus taking some of the highest profile free agents off the market), it’s time to take a look at what each team has to work with with regard to gaining compensatory picks for the 2018 NFL Draft.  Teams will have a higher potential to gain comp picks if they have a high quantity and quality of players becoming Unrestricted Free Agents at the start of the new league year, of which will become Compensatory Free Agents if the satisfy the rules of the formula. Teams will also need the ability to lose more CFAs than they gain, an easier task for teams with fewer needs to fill with external UFAs, or if they are constrained in other ways from signing them, such as having low cap space.


Evaluation of the 2017 Compensatory Picks Projection

Yesterday’s release of the 2017 compensatory draft picks by the NFL came even earlier than usual this year. However, this is for good reason, due to the fact that this is the first year that compensatory picks may be traded.  As several people have suggested (Miguel Benzan being one of the first I saw), it’s only fair and proper that teams should have precise knowledge of all the draft picks they will have before the combine–an event in which trade discussions really start to ramp up. I would expect future official compensatory pick releases to come on or near the Friday before the week the combine starts.

Now that the release out, it’s time to keep me honest and see what I did well in my projection, and what I got wrong. (more…)

Evaluating 2014 Free Agency With Regard To 2015 Compensatory Picks

Free agency in the NFL is always filled with fool’s gold.  Sometimes a team strikes real gold, but It’s well established that many high profile free agent signings don’t live up to the billing of their contract.  Some of these signings also have long lasting effects via the compensatory draft pick system.  As the league starts to gear up for 2017’s free agency period, I thought I’d add another annual piece to studying the compensatory pick system by looking three years back and pinpointing teams that either navigated free agency in 2014 so poorly that it cost them comp picks in 2015, or navigated it wisely and got talent that outweighed the sacrifice of potential 2015 comp picks. (more…)

Introducing The Proven Performance Escalator Projections Page

Art. 7, §4 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement establishes what is known as the Proven Performance Escalator (PPE).  The PPE creates an automatic raise in the fourth year Paragraph 5 salary of players still on their rookie contracts (drafted between Rounds 3 and 7) who have participated in either 35% of a teams offensive or defensive snaps in two of his first three seasons, or in 35% of all offensive or defensive snaps over his entire first three years.  Players who earn the PPE will see their fourth year P5 salary raise to the lowest restricted free agent (RFA) tender for that season.

While RFA tender amounts have yet to be announced, OTC is able to estimate which players have either earned, or are on track to earn, the PPE.  Once the RFA tenders are announced, you should soon see each player’s Year 4 P5 salary rise on their respective page.

Additionally, OTC has now built an entire page devoted to projecting which players are on track to earn the PPE.  You may find this page here. (more…)

Projecting The 2017 Compensatory Draft Picks

This article refers specifically to OTC’s projection for the 2017 NFL Draft’s compensatory picks. For details on the basics and methodology of projecting compensatory picks in general, please reference this article.

Furthermore, due to the complexity I have written separate articles on all possible compensatory pick scenarios on the Denver Broncos and Miami Dolphins.  You may find the Broncos’ article at Thin Air, and the Dolphins’ article here at OTC. (more…)