2014 Roster Cuts

Whenever you hear the term "street free agent" in the NFL it essentially means a player whose contract was terminated by a team and thus he is free to sign a contract with another team even before the start of the new League Year. While there are many street free agents this list will detail those who are free agents because they were released in Febraury and March of 2014. Though these players will be free to sign contracts often teams are cautious for a number of reasons. many times the player overvalues his talent and feels that more suitors will emerge over time, before settling for a very small contract sometime in the summer. Teams are also overly cautious knowing that many of these players are being given up on by an organization for more than just salary cap considerations. If you click on the headers of the table it will sort the players in order.

NameFormer TeamPositionPrior APY
Santonio HolmesJetsWR$8,416,667
Tony GonzalezFalconsTE$7,000,000
David StewartTitansRT$6,147,167
Levi BrownSteelersLT$6,000,000
David BaasGiantsC$5,500,000
Jabari GreerSaintsCB$5,275,000
Asante SamuelFalconsCB$4,900,000
Adam CarrikerRedskins34DE$4,750,000
Dunta RobinsonChiefsCB$4,600,000
Mike BrisielRaidersG$4,000,000
Isaac SopoagaPatriotsDT$3,666,667
Samson SateleColtsC$3,600,000
Michael BushBearsRB$3,500,000
Kyle CookBengalsC$3,500,000
Stephen NicholasFalcons43OLB$3,500,000
Harvey DahlRamsG$3,375,000
Rob BironasTitansK$3,337,500
Kevin KolbBillsQB$3,050,000
Davone BessBrownsWR$2,939,000
Le'Ron McClainChargersRB$2,750,000
Steve GregoryPatriotsS$2,350,000
James HarrisonBengals43OLB$2,225,000
Russell AllenJaguars43OLB$2,000,000
Erin HendersonVikings43OLB$2,000,000
Vonta LeachRavensRB$1,875,000
Leroy HarrisLionsG$1,500,000
Derek LandriBuccaneersDT$1,375,000
Phil CostaColtsC$1,350,000
Sav RoccaRedskinsP$1,120,000
Kevin WalterTitansWR$1,005,000
Lawrence TynesBuccaneersK$905,000
Jasper BrinkleyVikingsILB$830,000
Tashard ChoiceColtsRB$785,000
Richard QuinnRedskinsTE$730,000
Everette BrownCowboys43DE$680,000
Ryan MoutonRedskinsCB$645,000
Curtis BrownSteelersCB$640,300
Joe AndersonEaglesWR$625,000
D'Aundre ReedJaguars43DE$615,000
Greg ChildsVikingsWR$581,396
Dominique JonesChiefsTE$570,000
Willie JeffersonBillsLB$540,000
Ray DominguezCowboysG$540,000
Adewale OjomoTitans43DE$540,000
Justin AndersonColtsOL$525,000
Marcus DowtinGiants43OLB$525,000
Danny NobleJaguarsTE$525,000
Cheta OzougwuBears43DE$525,000
Zac RobinsonBengalsQB$525,000
Davin MeggettRedskinsRB$510,000
Daniel GiordanoCardinalsLB$497,750
Elvis FisherPatriotsOL$497,500
Alex Debniak49ersRB$496,667
Byron JerideauChargersDT$496,667
Brandon BogotayBrownsK$496,667
Stephane MilhimJaguarsG$496,000
Evan FriersonTexansILB$495,833
Quentin HinesPatriotsRB$495,333
Marvin BookerBuccaneers43DE$495,000
R.J. WebbPanthersWR$495,000
Jawan JamisonRedskinsRB$495,000
Saeed LeeFalconsCB$495,000
Sederrik CunninghamPackersWR$495,000
Brice SchwabPatriotsLT$495,000
Brian TymsBrownsWR$495,000
Robert JamesChiefsILB$480,000
Jabin SambranoJaguarsWR$465,000
Will PericakJaguars43DE$465,000
Patrick ScalesBuccaneersLS$465,000
Jeff OlsonCowboysG$450,000
Brandon Carswell49ersWR$450,000
Adam NissleyFalconsTE$431,000