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2014 Rookie Pool Estimates

Updated May 11- The NFL released the official draft order on March 27 and I have made an attempt to project what may be the rookie pool allocations for the year. On May 5 it was announced that the NFL and the NFLPA had made an agreement to continue to freeze signing bonus money for the year despite the CBA stipulating increases in bonus money this season. Most likely this is due to the NFL freezing bonus money in 2012 and 2013 when the CBA would have likely called for a reduction in bonus money due to a flat salary cap.

The chart gives four categories to view. The Year One Pool is the cap allocation given to the team in 2014. The Cap Space Required column shows you how much cap space a team needs to set aside for rookies assuming that the team has 51 players under contract and all bottom players count for $420,000 against the salary cap. Every team currently has at least 51 players under contract so the cap space required will represent the maximum set aside teams will need to get their rookies into training camp under the rules of the salary cap. For some teams the players being displaced will have a base salary in excess of $420,000, which reduces the space needed.Signing bonus allocations are the immediate cash that a team will likely need to use to sign their rookies. The total value estimate is what it will cost the team in cap dollars to keep the players for four years not including the "proven performance escalator" that is available for rookies selected in rounds 3-7.

Clicking on each team should take you to their individual cap page for pick by pick and yearly cap breakdowns. If you want to see the draft listed as pick by pick you can click here. If you have any questions about the methodology used feel free to email me.

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TeamPicksYear One PoolCap Space RequiredSigning Bonus
Total Value